So much for my long birthday weekend…

Well, it was probably never going to work out anyway.  I’d planned to go to my family home on Thursday evening and spend Friday with my mother at Chessington World of Adventures (where, interestingly, we went for my 18th), but (a) the weather’s supposed to be atrocious then, and (b) I’ve come down with something that makes me dizzy and unsteady on my feet (though I haven’t chucked/barfed/hurled/ralphed/blown chunks/done an Exorcist yet).

But I don’t mind too much… and I’m certainly not gonna let it get me down.  Indeed, despite how I felt last weekend, at the moment I need a good run-up to feel even slightly perturbed!  (Getting annoyed and fed up at work is a different matter, and one which I’ll go into in a later post, but suffice to say, I hate loud, cheerful people…)

The problem is that I can’t just do it all next week, because I’m going with a friend to see Wicked on Thursday night, and there’s not enough time to get down to my family home in Worthing after the show, and the following week is probably going to be the half-term holiday, meaning even more screaming kids than on a weekend!  However, I had a genius brainwave: why not get the train down to Chessington and meet my mother there?  Then she could drive me home for the weekend, and all would be good.  We’ll see what she says, anyway…

I certainly won’t be going climbing in this condition — I already make everyone else (even the beginners) look like Duncan Idaho in God Emperor of Dune, I don’t want to, like, actually fall because I’m delirious!  To say nothing of the increased range projectile vomiting would attain from an elevated position…

(Post edited 10/10/2012 to remove image, which was attracting completely irrelevant search engine hits)


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