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Maybe I’ll finally move my bookcase back across the room, for the first time in two years — I’ll certainly have time enough at last!

It’s good to have a break… and no, not just from writing in this blog — though I’m sure you’ll be glad to know I’m still compiling thoughts on a big political blog post I’ve planned to write for some time now, inspired by “the right” lumping everything they hate into “the left”, despite the self-proclaimed “religious right” clearly being worse, and the recorded words of the Man Jesus seeming to represent the actual stuff they… oh, sorry, spoilers!

(And unless I go through a major rewrite, not only will Stephen King be referenced, but also the original Star Trek!)

But that can wait for my birthday month, and today is the birthday of this very blog — it’s now seven, but next week, on the seventh anniversary of still being alive, I myself will be a multiple of seven… 28?  Yes, that’ll do.  No, I’m actually just having a long-overdue period of leave from work, actually relaxing at home instead of getting stressed taking care of various tasks, and overdosing on caffeine every morning (or possibly not diluting the blood in my caffeine system enough, take your pick).

I’ve got to use up my yearly quota of annual leave, but so far this year I’ve only had a couple of long weekends, and one week off back in June for my mother’s birthday — whereas in summer 2017 I had a two-week holiday abroad in the US (seeing July 4th in all its, ahem, glory at last), and last year, of course, I had a hell of a long period recovering from major surgery, which used up my sick leave and a lot of my annual leave.  I had uncomfortable periods of unemployment back in 2015 and 2014 (but at least a week away when I was in my old job), but that western US camping trip in 2013, well!

But it was in 2016 that I had one, two weeks off late in the year, as well as altogether too many days waiting in for British Gas to fix our heating system, and so here’s a three-year cycle coming around again, except this time both weeks will be consecutive, and I can relax after some busy but productive times, at the same job as before — though earning significantly more (though not quite enough to have to make pre-Blair student loan repayments), hence I’ve finally built my money back up to where it was before my career change in 2014, and can thus lend support to my folks, who are hoping to move away from Worthing (that cancerous polyp on the anus of Britain).

I won’t be going abroad for any length of time: “best mate” may have come back from three weeks in south-east Asia, but I’m not (at this stage) prepared to risk medication issues by going to a completely different timezone (the clocks going back at the end of the month would be bad enough — no, not Brexit!), or having them confiscated by suspicious foreign immigration officers.  This is despite the good news, or rather, barely adequate “no news is good news, right?” sort of news we got last week: the thing in my head hasn’t begun regrowing (yet), and I’m doing okay — indeed, the spells of dizziness and right-side tingling are on the wane, though just to be sure, I’ve been allowed to start taking a bit more lamotrigine.

(Ugh, fiddly little pills — it’d be so much easier to go up to 200mg, as there’s no 175mg tablet, or even a 75mg one I could take with a 100mg one!)

And yes, I’m now onto the Dark Tower interquel, so I’ll read that every night

What, then, will I spend my time doing, especially if it’s going to rain every day (albeit without thunderstorms, naturally)?  Why, I’ll be having lie-ins, watching TV and playing video games, what else?  Don’t worry, the Assassin’s Creed series inspire me to look up historical events (AC3 features the American Revolution of the 1770s), but I don’t automatically believe the Templars are behind everything (or if they are, they’re even more incompetent than BoJo and Trump combined) — it’s just a bit of fun in a fictional world, right?  Right…?

On this basis, I’ve taken the time to move my room around a bit (so my computer desk isn’t by the window, as the weather declines), and also plan to get a better, gamer-focused computer chair to sit in (including when I’m eating dinner, of course) — but non-leather, of course, which makes Amazon a bit of a non-starter (the material often differing between main description and comparison chart below), and in any case, waiting in for deliveries may not be possible this week, as I’ll need to visit my folks for the preliminary stage of, perhaps, finally getting a dog for the first time in 20 years!

So, for a new comfy chair (this high-backed IKEA one thus going to “best mate”), I may need to visit PC World on Tottenham Court Road… near the station where I get off every day in order to walk to work, so I’d be halfway there already!  Well, it’ll get me out of the house, until “best mate” is ready to go climbing again, or I attend a dance class, or I get another date.

Maybe I’ll do what I did back in September 2012 (before I began writing this blog), and go to Paris for a day trip… might be my last chance before Brexit, eh?

Still planning, still hoping

I’m still hoping that caffeine will wake me up in the mornings at work

Just to let you know I’m still alive, but somehow having a cold recently (bad enough that I was able to take the day off work when the Northern Line went to hell!) didn’t give me more time to write in this blog, it thus being weeks since last time I said anything.

My situation’s mostly the same as before, but I’ve been to a couple of “not the Joker’s girlfriend” events, including a practical exercise in the streets of London (which I later discovered was the day of the Brexit protests, hence the sinister helicopters overhead).  I’m still looking at potential girlfriends with whom I’ve matched online, and hoping to find someone special — at this stage, even remaining in touch with a woman after the first date is nothing short of magnificent!

In other social terms, I’m still trying to go to events (though the monthly Japanese one still gets frustratingly loud and crowded), and since “best mate” is on holiday, I’m hoping to resume climbing with strangers, if only for a short time.  And things seem to be going better with “best mate’s” friend who moved in, and who I won’t refer to as “new bad housemate”, as he’s definitely not on the level of the bloke who lived with me and “good housemate” in the final Caledonian Road days, and whose name shall not be spoken on Dave-ros’ homeworld!  Work itself, well, mostly the same, though I feel like I’m letting senpai down, and in danger of losing tasks rather than gaining more, but hopefully I’m just worrying about nothing, and at the very least am in no danger of getting fired.

I’m hoping to continue to save up, not for anything specific, but simply to have something for a rainy day — I won’t go into details here (I’m saving up for a super-political post), but it does sound like Brexit, the way it’s going, will lead to either me, or my mother, or both, losing out big time — her since she’s on benefits due to looking after my grandmother full-time, and me because I’m reliant on the NHS and prescription medication to stay in health, and even if the potential BoJo dictatorship grudgingly allows people to keep the former, somehow the latter looks threatened by our potential “deal” with Trump’s America if we leave the EU on bad terms.

(As a mixed blessing, George Hollingbery MP of the Tories acknowledged that the American health insurance system is worthless, as his own brother-in-law died of a brain tumour due to being diagnosed just as they screwed up his renewal, and he was therefore abandoned by a corrupt system for being “uninsured and uninsurable”!)

I do want to write entries more often in this blog, and I hope I can find the time and inspiration, but still, I find myself trying to get to bed earlier than I did in the early days, when somehow staying up until 1am didn’t seem to affect me!  In fact, aside from the post I’m planning to write regarding my (right and/or wrong) interpretation of left vs. right in the current political (and/or economic) climate, I wonder what else I can write here these days, other than describing my symptoms, or general lack thereof (which is a good sign that I’m not yet suffering a relapse).

And no, I’m not far enough through the Assassin’s Creed game series to write a “cool things” post about it — indeed, at times getting 100% synch in parts of the game (by achieving extra things) can get very, very frustrating, especially during the Battle of Bunker Hill!  But don’t worry, I’ve not broken another joypad (yet)…