Monthly Archives: December 2018

About time

Yes, it’s about time I wrote something here again, it being a good four weeks since my last post here — but although I’m working on something big involving the dreadful treatment of the disabled in this country, I’ve got so much evidence to process (and indeed, find myself wishing it was all “fake news”!), that I may not have it ready before Christmas.

Then again, I’ve got a lot of free time in my final week before going down to visit my folks in Worthing for the happy holidays, so maybe I’ll work on it now — but not tonight: I want to focus more on the positives than the negatives.

(Remember when I used to post in this blog almost every night?  No?  Neither do I!)

This year may have been a superior version of 2014 (I’m even replaying Batman: Arkham City, and facing Mr. Freeze seems appropriate in this cold season), but some aspects have been rather like 2013 (when I first got Batman: Arkham City, and played it while going through post-holiday blues).  Indeed, my time off work more closely resembled my 2013 holiday than my 2014 periods of unemployment, in no small way because I was getting paid rather than living off savings, or struggling to get unemployment benefits!

It’s also just possible that I won’t feel the cold this year, thanks to our heating working in winter (without needing British Gas to come and fix it repeatedly) for the first time in ages, and while I can have a bad week just before Christmas (the darkest mornings and shortest days of the year, plus noisy enthusiasm in the office that grates on my anxious nerves — glad I didn’t go to the main Christmas party this year!).

And just as my friendship with “Irish best mate”, who I met in late 2012, improved greatly in 2013, so I’m hoping my friendship with “Polish female best friend”, who I met in late 2017, has improved this year — although I see her a lot less often (due to her mostly being in Poland or working night shifts as a vet here), we enjoy hanging out together, and I’ve helped her with a broken laptop, while she’s invited me to a play this week… not quite the same as going to the cinema frequently with “Irish best mate” (as happened in 2013, 2014 and 2015), but hey, at least we’ll be together for a couple of hours!

She and I have known each other for a year now, and may potentially be “more than just friends” (I know, a term I hate using), but if we don’t have the right kind of spark, and she’s destined to be more like a sister (like my other “female best friends” over the years), at least I’ll finally be determined to seek the help of my dating coach — who I first met in 2013, and whose help I can once again afford, as I did enough overtime recently to get extra pay in December (with more to come in January)!

And I already got a pay rise in 2017, much as I did in 2012… once again I find myself wondering about cycles — no, not the kind ridden by red light runners, but time cycles: perhaps there’s a five-year one, to go with the potential four-year cycle if this year was a repeat of 2014, and the three-year one I’ve mentioned before, which I experienced most notably at school (one bad year, one okay year, one good year, my four GCSE/A-level years in Worthing following that to a T — yes, the Upper 6th was a bad year!).

The three-year cycle would mean this past year, 2017-2018, was a bad year (which fits, due to my serious cranial issues and recovery from surgery), since 2014-2015 was certainly horrible (and perhaps the anxiety I experienced boosted the brain tumour’s growth, hence noticeable “mind static” starting in May 2015?).  If so, 2018-2019 will at least be a bit better… but if the five-year cycle overrides the four-year cycle, 2019 could end like 2014, instead of this year.

Oh damn, it’s all getting confusing, isn’t it?  Stuff it — roll on Christmas, Hannukah, and most importantly, time off work!  This house may be decently warm right now (a break in the cycle of the years?), but my folks in Worthing keep their place lovely and cozy, and I won’t have to do any cooking… and I might just delight them with their presents, which I can afford more than in 2014 or 2015!

As long as getting home isn’t a repeat of the 2013 ordeal… boy, I’ve cited that experience many times in this blog, haven’t I?