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Videos wot have cheered me up: “Trololo” (Eduard Khil)

And now, the first in a series of videos that have raised my spirits when all has been dismal: the unintentionally-funny 1976 performance of a Russian song about a cowboy returning home, as lyriclessly hummed by Eduard Khil (who sadly passed away in June this year, just when BBC3 got around to the Family Guy episode with him in).

P.S. I’m still getting to grips with this blog, and I’ve just figured out how to make categories…

And so it begins…

Right, first proper post in the blog that will hopefully chronicle my life being put into some kind of order, and thus correcting the mistakes I’ve made since, well, 1995.

To summarise, I live in Finchley in north London, where I ended up after a long-term housemate got his own place, because the alternative would have been to leave London entirely, quit my (admittedly reasonably well-paid) office job and return to live with my mother and grandmother in Worthing.  At about that time I was going through a severe bout of depression, brought on by my chronic inability to (a) find a woman and (b) break out of admin and get into a line of work I actually enjoy, like IT.  I’d also taken a good long look at my life leading up to that time, and realised I’d done virtually nothing in the preceding years of any use to anyone (other than learning Japanese, which is essentially my only useful achievement in the 21st century), that I pretty much wasted my university education, and that I was just getting old and more useless…

So here we are — it’s 2012 and nearly my 35th birthday, and time to sort myself out.  Over the coming year (or however long it takes), I aim to:

  • Continue indoor climbing, thus getting myself in shape and overcoming my timidity;
  • Take more IT classes, such as C++ (which starts next month), that I’m actually interested in (the MCSE stuff I did two years ago hasn’t helped, possibly because the MCSE itself is being phased out);
  • Help out the Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS), a local campaign group that’s trying to bring our corrupt London borough council to account;
  • Learn to drive (maybe);
  • Get off the wagon and stop being such an “evils of alcohol” quasi-teetotaller (but not become a drunkard);
  • Be more social and not spend every night in my room playing video games and watching Doctor Who (though obviously I still intend to do those things in moderation, because, y’know, I like them!);
  • Support my friends (obviously);
  • Get rid of or archive (i.e. send home to Worthing) a lot of my stuff, so I’m not living so cramped in rented accommodation;
  • Find a conveniently-located dog shelter where I can volunteer (this one’s unlikely as there just isn’t anywhere!);
  • Stay positive and not give in to dark emotions;
  • Er…
  • That’s it.

This is the first time I’ve written anything like this outside of (inevitably) Facebook, so be gentle.  Actually, if you want to troll, disparage my efforts, urge me to commit suicide etc., then bring it on (says Dave, worried that he’s echoing George “Dubya” Bush), I’ll appreciate the page views!

How long will I be posting on this blog?  Until the job is done (Dubya again) — if God exists, and He finds this blog to be “bad” and wants it to disappear forever, all He has to do is help me sort my life out and stave off depression.  That’s all — this is therapeutic, cathartic and some other words ending with “-ic”, and I won’t need it once I’m a happy, well-adjusted individual with a life (and perhaps a wife), who doesn’t feel upset and scared all the time!

Bienvenue, wilkommen, irasshaimase

Inspired by the help I’m lending to a local anti-council corruption campaign’s blog, I’ve decided to set up my own blog (about ten years after everyone else in the entire world) to chronicle my attempts to sort my life out and get my head together, as I approach 35.  However, this post is just a test, so don’t pay it too much heed, and the look and feel will be changing rapidly!