I see you shiver in anticip…

I’m not going to Chessington World of Adventures because my poor mother can’t get annual leave, and no-one else is able to go either.  My nausea the other day has mutated into a sore throat, so I’ve probably got a cold coming on, and it’s raining steadily outside.  And I’m stuck on an early mission in the original StarCraft.

And yet, I’m not depressed… what is wrong with me?  Is it that I’ve still got things to look forward to once I get over this latest bug, such as going to see Wicked on Thursday?  Or just the fact that it’s le week-end again and I can chill out?  I don’t know… but I do know that I’m gonna curl up in bed with a good book now (and plenty of fluids to drink, in case this really is a cold and not just the result of me talking at work today more than I’m used to…).



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