Back to school — er, work


Two mochas this morning, just to get back into the swing of things

Guess who’s back — I was actually glad to return to work today after my “staycation”, though this may be because I’m somewhere between worrying that my colleagues will discover I’m surplus to requirements, and worrying that my colleagues will screw everything up without me there to sort things out!

It was nice having lie-ins, but I somehow felt like I should be doing something instead; unfortunately, when the weather finally became decent on Wednesday and Thursday, instead of going for walks or sunbathing, I had to receive a man from the gas board to ascertain why our hot water doesn’t get very, er, hot.  After two visits he’d only eliminated the pump, and today he and a man from the boiler manufacturer also eliminated the new boiler we got installed in February, so someone’s gotta be in this Thursday so a plumber can see if we’ve got airlocks in our pipes.  Fortunately the next few days will be scorching hot, so we won’t need to worry about having hot showers (or put the heating on), but I hope we get this resolved before Friday, when the Indian mini-summer ends and the slide towards winter belatedly begins…

Hey, let’s not get depressed: September is the time when, thanks to the academic year beginning, I always feel like things are starting rather than drawing to a close (as opposed to spring, when I’m just relieved the days are getting longer and it’s less cold) — much as I said last year when I’d just started this job.  Yeah, I’ll be 39 next month, but I’m under no obligation to face some unpleasant society-inflicted “truth”: I’m still young inside, where it counts, and while I may not be as naive and foolish as I was, I still see the world with a sense of wonder and surprise (though also disappointment, especially when it comes to the USA’s presidential candidates).

And one aspect of my behaviour isn’t necessarily childlike: while I definitely don’t want to rent forever (especially here, which gets cold in winter), I know there’s nothing to be gained by risking everything on the hope of buying a house (or a mortgage) with everything in turmoil right now, thanks to Brexit, austerity etc., so I might as well relax for now and keep doing what I enjoy (climbing, video games, you know the drill by now).  Patience is a virtue, and I’ve got to hope that Fate once again provides and that I’m savvy enough to spot opportunities… and in the meantime, why not have fun?

Perhaps my renewed energy and enthusiasm will mean I post here more frequently — not least to complain about the “man box”, and the notion that all men of working age should be wage slaves with no happiness of their own — but hey, I’ve made promises before…


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