Busman’s holiday

mb_hhI’m midway through a five-day “long weekend” in Worthing with my folks.  No, we’re not some weird Christian cult celebrating Easter two weeks early: my mother’s over her recent illness and resulting operation, and needs my support convalescing (especially since my grandmother’s also been finding it hard to cope).

What this has entailed so far is Muggins here putting together a “shoe ottoman”, changing light bulbs, going to the shops and walking with my mother.  I can’t complain, though, because this is all stuff I’d be doing anyway — especially the furniture, bearing in mind my mother’s attempt to put together a dressing table last summer, and the fact that I enjoy this kind of work anyway!  However, a further task has arisen as a direct consequence: we have to get some more 15mm cam locks, as THREE of the ones included with the flatpack broke simply by being, well, turned — and since nowhere nearby sells them, I have to travel clear across Worthing to Bunce!

The positive side is that I’ve been able to rest here, have my meals cooked for me, and take hot baths instead of showers.  This last is something my mother can’t do while her surgery wounds are healing, but it’s essential for me, as not only am I aching after torture at the hands of my personal trainer, but I’ve had a nasty blister on one of my toes for weeks now (ever since I dropped a cactus on it… don’t ask), so it’s nice to let it all air out while not having to run around in socks and shoes all the working day.

(Plus I’m saving money on Tube fares, as well as going out in the evenings and thus having to eat out!)

It has been a little reminiscent of 2000-3, when I lived here after graduating and tried to make enough money to be a postgraduate, but not in a bad way: I’m lucky to have my mother and grandmother to take care of me, even if I also have to take care of them, and Worthing’s not so bad when it’s sunny.  However, I do miss being in London to some extent: not just my computer there (since the Frankencomputer I have down here is incapable of playing The Witcher III), but also my job (as I don’t want them to get too used to me not being there, in case they realise they can cope without me!).

And oh, someone’s finally bought one of my Gatchaman DVD collections on eBay, and I’ve got to send it off in two working days… except I’m going to be here until Wednesday.  And now I have to travel to Bunce to get some fiddly little cam locks, assuming they even sell them.

Excuse me a moment:



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