Giving up

fcnoooMy latest romantic failure occurred during the Valentine’s Day weekend: yet again, a woman in her 30s who I found both physically and mentally attractive, and who liked me enough to go on two dates, had stopped responding to texts.  Maybe it’s a damn conspiracy to stop me ever getting laid (though it could only be Asimov’s Eternals who are responsible, since it’s beyond the wit of any government agency), but yet again, I found myself wishing I could just stop caring.  Fortunately, matching with someone new on that (non-Tinder) dating app I’ve been using so much lately, reconnecting with someone else I’d lost touch with, and having a nice time at salsa dancing have collectively cheered me up again, and I shall indeed continue trying to, well, start my love life.

However, I’m going to need to make other changes in my life, for both health and financial reasons.  For one thing, I’m greatly reducing my chocolate intake… yes, I’ll wait while you all gasp incredulously, since it’s not even Lent yet… finished?  Good — it’s hard to do with Easter eggs in the shops, but I need to lose more weight and get in shape properly, and my spare tyre is the final aspect of my physique that needs improving.  I should stop having mochas at work, but sometimes it’s the only way to make it through a tiring day, and unchococolatey coffee is simply too awful to contemplate…


Sleeping instead of watching Seth McFarlane animated comedies?!  The horror!

I should by rights also stop eating out so much, especially considering how many times I’ve been on dinner dates that haven’t worked out (so both a waste of money and a futile intake of calories and fat?).  I will in fact be going out less during the cold snap in February (since it’s easier to keep my room warm if I start early in the evening), so that issue should resolve itself for now.  Moreover, it would be healthy if I stopped staying up late on work nights, and BBC3’s move online has taken care of this for me: I’ll no longer be watching Family Guy and American Dad! every evening, something I’ve done since I first got a digibox (and hence BBC3) back in 2005!  Both shows have been a big part of my life, entertaining me every weekday evening and also at weekends, but I guess now is the time to move on (at least until they’re on ITV2).

One thing it would tear me apart to give up is personal training, as I like my (ahem) torturer, and always feel the health benefits of this exercise (well, once the pain subsides).  However, seeing him is a very big expense, second only to rent and more than my monthly Tube fares, and I’m certainly going to try to reduce the frequency with which I see him, as I’m unlikely to increase my bank balance overall if I’m paying him every single month.  It’s not impossible that I’ll be voted the winner of his recent improvement competition, and thus earn four free sessions (equivalent to £200), but since my rent’s going up this year, and since I really need a holiday, I’ve got to make changes in my expenses.

I think I’ll give up being a member of my IT agency, however, as they only told me today that I’m too late to take my CCNA module, due to it having been over two years since June 2013.  I feel like I’m down £250; I’m not happy with them since they didn’t warn me at the time that something I’d paid for was about to expire, but I’m also cursing myself for taking so damn long with Windows Server 2008, and not only for this reason.  Still, I won’t give up on my IT odyssey: perhaps they can help me at work with training… though my boss has already threatened to send me on a customer service course in April.

(As I’ve probably said before: if I’d known in June 2013 how bad things would suck for me in 2014 and 2015, I’d have kept that money and found a way to stay on at Camden… but would I have ended up regretting that instead?)


Sorry Scumdogs, you’ll have to wait for the Purple One to finish; please don’t dismember him on stage…

And finally, for a week at least, I’m giving up listening to Gwar on endless rotation when walking to and from work; instead, I’m listening to… Prince on rotation, which is a novel experience as I’ve only recently obtained most the music of his that I have (with plenty more to get, at least up to 1992 when he went nuts).  Mind you, I had to split Lovesexy into individual tracks after ripping, thanks to the CD being one long track for no sensible reason!

Don’t worry, I’m still listening to classical music as well: just today I bought Beethoven’s 9th on CD (to make up for his disc missing from a compilation I got from a charity shop).  In other musical terms, I shall give up not playing the guitar, since I now have extra free time and thus no excuse not to practise.  I just wish there was a tune I could play using only D, A and E chords (other than “My Lovely Horse“, of course), just so I knew I was making progress… ah, something I can do with my regained evenings before bedtime!

Unless I play video games instead, of course…


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