I got the jerrrb

Spock: I believe we have about a week before McCoy arrives, but we can’t be certain.
Kirk: Arrives where?  Honolulu?  Boise?  San Diego?  Why not Outer Mongolia, for that matter?
S: There is a theory… there could be some logic to the belief that time is fluid, like a river, with currents, eddies, backwash.
K: And the same currents that swept McCoy to a certain time and place might sweep us there, too.
Star Trek (S1E28, “The City on the Edge of Forever”)
(and yes, I know I quoted from it in a previous blog post, so please don’t complain)


I might need that clock to remind me when it’s time to get up for a night shift…

First of all, I’ve been successful in landing myself a new job in IT — just let that sink in for a moment.  Yes, I’m going to be doing tech support over the phone for real people (users of big companies’ hosted websites), not just chavvy students who can’t be bothered to remember their passwords.

(One of the questions in the interview was whether I’d be troubled by porn sites, to which I responded: not unless they want me to pose for them!)

The funny thing is, though, it’s in the same part of London where I had my last interview (the one at a school I nearly missed), and near where I more recently went to an ex-potential girlfriend’s birthday party, not to mention where “best mate” used to live before he found somewhere near the Castle.  I even had a singles event to go to there back in February (on the day that Korean girl effectively dumped me, claiming she’d cut her finger at work), which I didn’t enjoy because it was crowded.

Yes, it’s the Willesden / Kilburn / Queen’s Park / Brondesbury / Kensall bit of north-west London, which I’d barely been to before, and yet the winds of fate seem to keep blowing me that way in 2014… is $DEITY trying to convince me to move there?  I’m content to stay in Finchley for now, since this is the place where I, shall we say, came back to life in 2012 and 2013, but if I do move to the area, I would certainly hope “best mate” would be a housemate.

I’m thinking of getting a bike so I can circumvent London’s unreliable public transport system, and thus be able to get to work even on those terrible winter days when someone has said the word “snow” and the entire system is suspended.  Plus, it’d mean I could avoid getting fined a second time for not having swiped my Oyster card when I got on the Overground (I actually had swiped it, only to be told to put more money on, and then forgot to re-swipe it!).

A bike is also worth considering because my job will be based around three different shifts (day, evening and night), and although the buses and Overground should be running at all three of my clocking on/off times, it’s as well not to risk being marooned, especially if I end up having to stay late to help with a desperate situation.  I certainly don’t want to have to get a taxi home — or three night buses that take so long, I have to go back to work almost immediately I get home!

(I look forward to the day that I’m so indispensible that my boss offers to ply me with Domino’s pizza, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and plenty of Pepsi/Coke if I agree to work through the night fixing something that no-one else can fix!)

On the advice of my job-searching coach at my IT agency (who joins my other three mentors in London), I’m going to suspend my Server 2008 studies — partly so I can focus on learning the job at hand, and partly so I’m not… overqualified.  He reckons I’m in a good situation now, so no sense rocking the boat.  But don’t worry, I’m still doing clever computer-type stuff: I’ve bought (with store credit) a new copy of Windows 7, and have cleverly contrived an unattended answer file so I can install it on the “Frankencomputer” in Worthing without having to watch or type anything in!  I might even work out how to put it all on a USB stick, and thus not even need the DVD…

Anyway, the most important aspect of my new job is this: never mind the money or the experience, I don’t have to call up recruiters or use jobsearch websites any more — and that’s worth its weight in gold!


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