Cabin fever


Another Simpsons framegrab from (S6E01, “Bart of Darkness”)

My six-week unpaid internship at a London college (or rather, at a campus decidedly outside London) came to an end last Friday; I made it through with my insanity intact, I’ve got some useful experience of working in a tech support environment, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I hate, hate, HATE oiky teenagers who start every sentence with “Basically…”!

(Oh, and TfL, I’ve finished using the Central Line — you can start filling it in with concrete now!)

However, since my mother’s on holiday in Japan (a country she’s only been to, ooh, four times before), I’ve come to Worthing to keep my aged grandmother company until hahaue ga Nihon kara kaeru toki.  This is supposed to be a “staycation”, but I’m getting cabin fever after only a few days!

It’s partly the weather, which is so utterly dismal that I can’t even bring myself to go for a walk along the seafront (where at least I’d have the chance to pet some dogs); mind you, at least I’m warm here — certainly warmer than I’d be at the London house, where no-one wants the heating on (I may need to get an electric heater).  It’s also partly the fact that Worthing sucks for shopping: the local branch of Computer Exchange doesn’t take the very components I need to sell — a CPU and some RAM — and the staff condescendingly suggested I sell them on eBay!

There’s also the fact that I need to call up recruiters every day in the hope someone will find me a “proper” IT job (I’ve got some leads, so don’t worry) — it doesn’t get any easier phoning complete strangers, but, as with food, washing and heating, at least my family’s paying the bills during my self-imposed exile.  Plus, I have an interview back in London next week, for a job that would require shift work — which I’m hoping means three things: mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!

(It had better — there’s no way in HELL I’m doing IT shift work for £19k!)

The annoying thing is, I came down here on Sunday because I knew my grandmother would be going in for a biopsy on Monday — but when I arrived, it turned out this had been postponed; if she’d told me beforehand, I could have come down on Monday (and thus gotten a cheaper train ticket), and also spent the weekend selling those computer components to the Tottenham Court Road branch of CEX (who would have bought them for a princely sum of store credit)!  Plus, I could have played more games on my “main” computer, and maybe hung out with “best mate”…

Still, it’s not so bad down here, away from the Smoke: I’ve finally got some time to learn the guitar, and I might finally (after how many months?) be making progress, in that I can just about switch between D, A and E chords without staring at my fingers and pausing for a bar between every bar.  Might be ready to add an A-minor in there one day… oh, wait, that’s a sad sound, and it might combine with the atrocious weather to drive me over the edge… SOB!

Oh, and another thing: there’s a fat spider which spun a web outside my bedroom window a few weeks ago, and which I occasionally watch dart down to intercept prey before laboriously climbing back up to the eaves; it looked like it had been washed or blown away in the recent storms (and thus become one of the final victims of Hurricane Gonzalo), but today it reappeared, considerably fatter than before (so I guess we know what it was doing).  I never thought I’d be happy to see an eight-legged freak alive and well, but there you go… as long as it remains firmly OUTSIDE my room and never tries to encroach upon my territory!

Phew, can I hold on a few more days until Mumsy returns from Japan, or will my heart burst from all the excitement…?


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