It’s all coming together

ss_ffFirst of all, yes, I know I should have written something sooner since I turned 37 last Thursday, but hey, too bad, live with it and all that.  I went home at the weekend and received several Gwar-related presents (including their last two albums), a CPU I’d ordered online, and, er, some money (vital at the moment).

I’m two days away from finishing my gruelling unpaid internship in Greenford, so I only have to get up stupidly early twice more.  Yesterday it looked like the other intern from my agency had abandoned us (perhaps through getting a job), and that I’d thus have to spend all my remaining time covering the walk-in clinic, and only the fact that my day was cut short by a visit to my agency stopped me quitting.  He in fact turned up alive and well today, and so I had a good time helping cover the phones in the main office during the afternoon; that’s how it should be, and if I’ve learned one thing from the walk-in clinic, it’s that I don’t want to deal with meatspace customers again unless I’ve got a counter between us!

(And, let’s be brutally honest here, nose plugs — if it’s not BO or tobacco, it’s chewing gum or excessive cologne!  And don’t get me started on how they huff and puff if they have to wait, like it’s my fault — in such situations I find the strength to be patient with my current customer, and ensure they take as long as they need to!)

Financially I’m all right for now: my old employer (you might as well know, if you hadn’t already worked it out by now, that it’s Camden council) finally paid me my near-£1,400 discretionary today, as expected on pay day, and so I’ve got over £3,000 in the bank overall.  It won’t last for ever, and possibly not even as far as Christmas, but if I can get another job by the end of November, I should be all right and won’t face returning to Worthing on a permanent basis.  My guide at the agency said it’s fine for me to get a job in “whatever” if I have to, as they understand fully that people need to pay their bills (especially in London).

And hey, the aforementioned job search sessions are giving me some good advice: my guide has been like the employment equivalent of my dating coach, right down to some of his tips being effectively “cheats” to get ahead of the pack!  For example: marking my CV private and then visible again in order to put it back at the top of the list — I just hope none of the other agencies are telling their punters to do this (at least not if they’re applying for IT jobs).  I’ve had an e-mail about a potential job this very evening off the back of this, so I’m feeling more optimistic about getting a “proper” job in IT than I was before — I was even able to call a recruiter up and persuade him to look at my CV!  So I’ve got two potential interviews coming up…

As I said before, after my placement I’m going to go to Worthing to keep my grandmother company (especially on Monday when she’s got a biopsy) while my mother’s on holiday in Japan, and even though I might have to rush back at short notice if I get an interview for a good job, I’m going to spend my time away from the Smoke relaxing, applying for jobs, calling up recruiters, and hopefully studying Server 2008 to the point where I can contemplate taking the exam some time before Doomsday.

(I might even bring my guitar with me, so I can spend some time practising — that’s far more important than boring old computer science, isn’t it?)

So there you have it: the 38th year of my life might finally see me in a new job, and not just slumming it in admin any more (and if I do that, it’ll only be temporary).  I’ve finally escaped Camden (I may post something about how much they suck one day), and soon will have some time to relax and work on the next phase of my life, while my grandmother cooks my meals and does my washing, and I’ll even be able to take walks by the beach and pet other people’s dogs.  Just got to get through two more days of hellish commute and I’m free — and by the time my mother returns from Japan, perhaps I’ll have some good news for her…


What’s that?  You want to hear something from my new Gwar albums?  You are never satisfied, are you?  Oh, all right then, here’s a music video…


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