Taking my time

Yes, all right, sorry I haven’t written in so long (I started something on the 4th but then stopped), but anyway, here’s a vague update.  I passed my mock interview on the 1st, albeit with advice on how to improve, and spent the following week… waiting.  I’m still waiting this week, but I will start nagging my agency if they don’t deliver the goods and find me a placement soon.

That weekend I also went on a trip to Bath with a meetup group for tall people, and spent all day in the company of tall women (because, mercifully, no men turned up)!  This was nice, though not for salacious reasons: as you know, I prefer the company of women, and it’s very rare for me to make a male friend.  The fact that they were all single is by the bye, of course (and, unfortunately, because I can never keep my mouth shut about my love life, I ended up an unwilling recipient of advice once again — but it’s always annoying when single women complain to me about the quality of single men!).

The weekend just gone saw me go to Brighton with another meetup group (nice trip, but London Bridge station really grinds my gears), and I left early to nip across to Worthing to see my folks… though unfortunately I couldn’t go climbing with my mother due to (a) my legs having been wrecked by my personal torturer, (b) my mother having blisters, and (c) the remnants of an American hurricane laying waste to much of Great Britain.

However, there’s some good news: I was able to spend some of my £50 leaving gift getting South Park: The Stick of Truth!  (PC version, obviously, with bad language and anal probing intact…)  I thus have enough games (and, er, studying material) to get me through the quiet times that lie ahead, without having to spend any more money.  I’ve also got strategy games to keep my intelligence from atrophying, including Shogun 2, which my mother is “lending” me on Steam (and therein hangs a tale).

Back on the subject of finances, I’m getting paid my redundancy money on Friday, and that’s going to have to support me not only while I’m not earning, but also while I am earning, unless I somehow land a £24k job almost immediately… but there’s no sense worrying — I’ll just have to get on with enjoying my protracted time off work.  I don’t miss my former employer at all…

(I don’t even think of the annoying woman any more… except inasmuch as I now use that term to describe the recorded voice when I call up Virgin Media.  Why does she have to extend the last word of every sentence?  Is it an attempt to be sexy?!  “Press oooone, press twooooo…”  Spit it out, girl!)

I’m working on a post about changing, and how I’m not sure how else I need to change, and indeed how much society sucks and really needs to get its own house in order before it has a go at me… and also something about thunderstorms, and how I keep missing them, to the point that I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy.  But they’ll have to wait for another day of my holiday…


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