The countdown begins


I’m so happy, I might go out and buy balloon pants… well, no, of course not

Hooray, I’ve finally been told what my final day will be at my workplace: 28th July.  That’s if I want to be made redundant and receive a discretionary payment on top (not to mention getting paid to, like, actually work in June and July).

Yes, I have 37 working days left, of which eight are going to be annual leave, as staying until after the 24th means my annual leave year resets and thus I don’t have to worry about using up every last day of it.

This leaves me plenty of leeway to work out when I’m going to visit my “second family” in Michigan, as I can easily go in July if it’s cheaper (and that’s a big “if”!).  It also means I can make, um, my last day itself a day off, since it’s a f***ing MONDAY!!!

So, what’s the plan?  Well, for those of you who have just joined us, here’s the steps:

  1. Stay with my workplace until 28th July, and get over £4,000 to not work for them any more;
  2. Get put into a 6-week unpaid placement somewhere, anywhere in London (within reason) by my agency, who will cover my travelling costs;
  3. If the placement company likes me enough and has space, get a proper job with them;
  4. If not, complete the placement and then get found a proper job by my agency, or else get paid £500 per month (out of the £3,000 I paid them initially) if they can’t find me something.

And so there you have it: finally I’m getting the hell out of Dodge, after working for this organisation for eight years, five of those in my current role.  I still remember my 30th birthday in 2007, back when I still worked in HR for this organisation, and got so fed up and miserable that I created a folder in Outlook called “Escape”, in which I stored e-mails relating to other job prospects, or IT courses I attended.  At that stage, I’d only worked for them for a year and a few months, and had no idea of how much time lay ahead of me — but there was no way back then I could have afforded to take any significant IT courses; it took a few more years of saving up before I could even contemplate such a thing.

Interestingly, the only reason they need me to stay until 28th July is that they expect me to work one week’s notice for every year I’ve been there; but it’s only by staying another eight weeks that I’ll still be there on my eighth anniversary — if I stayed for seven weeks’ notice, I’d technically have been there for only seven years and 362 days, and they’d be rid of me sooner and probably only be paying me seven years’ worth of redundancy money… oh, er, never mind, forget I said anything!

Now I just have to sort out plane tickets to Michigan, and let my agency know we’ve got a firm date at last… and that’ll distract me from worrying whether I’m doing the right thing, whether a job in IT will actually annoy me even more than the annoying woman (I still have to put Gwar on to drown her out), whether I might have been better off staying put…

Hey, life’s a journey, and mine’s been suspended for engineering work for far too long!


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