Revolting developments

When are people going to learn?  Democracy doesn’t work!
–Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (S7E23, “Much Apu About Nothing”)


Obvious joke alert: one’s got no soul… and the other was operated by Ray Alan

The people of my wretched country have spoken at the polls, and it’s not looking good.  Not only have crypto-fascists UKIP had far more success than they deserve, but the corrupt Conservative councils of Barnet and Bexley have retained power, and in all probability learned nothing from the people they ostensibly serve…

I voted in the local and Euro elections on Thursday, but as I voted Green, my vote may well have been wasted.  Unfortunately a lot of people in this country automatically vote for either the Tories or Labour, because “that’s what we’ve always done”, but amazingly UKIP have done well for themselves, both in local elections and in terms of MEPs — which of course is what they want, so they can take us out of Europe.

(The BNP?  They’re irrelevant now, as they should be, because they’re not even crypto-fascists, they’re brazen about it!)

Okay, what does Dave-ros think about UKIP, the new and exciting, controversial party in Britain that wants us out of the EU and for decisions affecting Britain to be made only in Britain?  Well, I think they’re a bunch of fruitcakes with no real direction beyond the above, and I would be very worried if they ever got real power in this country (for one thing, they supposedly want to end all paid leave) — but this should be regarded as a wake-up call to the politicians from the stuffy old mainstream parties: we need a proper discussion on immigration!  Especially since the current system, introduced by Labour and modified by the ConDems, clearly doesn’t work… what with a Japanese man facing deportation despite being married to a British woman who is pregnant with his child, because arcane bureacratic rules don’t take account of most of their income and regard them as being too poor to stay together.

Yes, in this country we deport decent people (e.g. asylum seekers who are told that Iraq is “safe now”), thanks to years of Labour and the ConDems, yet we welcome rich Russian oligarchs with open arms, and let them buy up our national assets (okay, a London paper and a football team, but they still count!).  Indeed, here in Barnet the Tories have the attitude that they’d much rather have rich foreign businessmen buying houses than mere plebs, and want all benefit-receivers out of the borough, even those who genuinely need them, such as the elderly and disabled.  One of the first parts of Barnet council to be privatised was social care, and not only did the private company (Your Choice) not improve service, it didn’t even make a profit and needed to be bailed out with a couple of million pounds of taxpayers’ money… after a YEAR!


Hey hey hey, goodbye!

Mind you, even though the Tories maintained control here in Barnet, there was one good piece of news: the political career of Brian Coleman, the thuggish ex-parking chief who attacked a harmless café owner when she photographed him parking illegally, is now officially over: he lost his seat in Totteridge (and didn’t hang around for the result).  Good riddance to a thoroughly unlikeable man, who will hopefully disappear into utter obscurity for all time.  I don’t wish him dead, I just wish him gone.

But what are we left with?  Well, as in Bexley (home of the Bexley is Bonkers blog of Malcolm Knight), the Tories maintain control in an area they’re ruining for the ordinary people, and really screwing up social services (in Bexley they’re “proud” to be paying as little as possible to social workers, thanks to zero-hour contracts).  Things may have been shaken up for MEPs, but locally, things just seem to be the same as ever… and when the choice is between the Tories (current idiots), Labour (previous idiots) and UKIP (just idiots), suddenly I find myself wanting to run off to California.  They may have the same political problems, but at least the weather would be nice…


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