Coming back stronger


This guy knows a thing or two about going through bad stuff and coming out of it stronger than before… or so I gather from his lyrics

You didn’t think a little thing like a stomach virus could stop me posting in my blog, did you?  (Why would it need to, when general laziness is perfectly capable!)  I’m all better, and held my own at personal training on Friday (and note that I’d missed the week before that as well).  Hey, I was even able to wield a hedge trimmer this morning, on the hottest day of the year thus far, and have enough left this evening to do some exercises, clean the lounge and change the kitchen bin bag… well, yes, nothing special for a real man, but pretty damned amazing for a complete wimp like me.

Mind you, I was physically weak on Thursday, when my folks came to London to stay for a couple of days; although I had no trouble helping them get from Victoria to their hotel in Marble Arch, walking along Oxford Street visiting the shops really took its toll, and I ended up needing to sit down.  Yeah, for once I needed to sit down because my mother and grandmother were dragging ME around, what a turnaround from childhood!  I suspect it’s because I was walking around the Science Museum with a friend on the Saturday I got sick, and thus couldn’t replenish my tired muscles on that occasion (in addition to being almost bedridden for a day or so), though it could also have been the usual male response to accompanying females on a shopping excursion…

In household terms, I’ve recovered from two malaises (or whatever the plural of that word is… are?): firstly, I’ve stopped not talking to my drummer housemate, something that stupidly began two weekends ago, ironically just after I’d been to a seminar on confidence; and secondly, for the first time since moving out of Caledonian Road in January 2012, I’ve put posters on my walls.  This includes my old Blues Brothers poster, which I’ve had since 1997, and which I’ve put up at some point in just about every room I’ve had since then, so naturally it’s rather battered and I could do with a new one (possibly framed).

Of course, the best reason for feelin’ good today has been the weather — a near-cloudless sky, and temperatures well over 20 degrees (Celsius, obviously).  To think, a month or so ago I was thoroughly sick of it being cold all the time… I’ve been remembering the summers of my youth, especially the late 1980s and early 1990s, and indeed reliving them by replaying old Amstrad games by an open window.  Yeah, I can play better games now (admittedly I’m replaying a game from 2009, Prototype, which seems a bit primitive by today’s standards), but hey, whatever.

There’s always time for a bit of nostalgia… or at least there used to be, back in my day…


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