On the mend

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti
–Eminem, “Lose Yourself” (8 Mile soundtrack)


Yes, I know this is a different Eminem album, please don’t point it out

Well, I’ve made it through a nasty feverish period, feeling alternately hot and cold, sweating and shivering, and above all weak, unsteady, nauseous and frankly p***ed off that I’ve managed to get sick yet again this year.  But I’m over the worst now, and forcing bland food down my gullet… and, most importantly, I’ve lost some weight but (hopefully) not any muscular definition!

(Suffice to say, Wii Fit Plus was worried that I’d lost weight too fast… but I’ll doubtless be rebouding over the next few days, and there’s no “I’ve been ill and I’m better now” option when it demands to know why your weight loss has gone into reverse!)

Despite my general improvement, I’ve had to take the day off work (well, yesterday, because I’m still writing this after midnight) to recover, simply because I can barely eat anything at the moment: on Sunday night I couldn’t even manage a whole bowl of soup, and only a couple of bites of two halves of a bread roll with non-dairy spread on them.  Today I’ve been a bit better, having a cup of tea and a Marmite roll without puking (not like when I was a child and used to barf after licking Marmite off the knife… and then go right back to the crackers I’d made and eat them anyway, possibly while listening to a He-Man story tape), as well as crisps and — amazingly — chocolate.  The Lucozade probably wasn’t wise, however, as what I gained in electrolytic fluid (and it wasn’t the isotonic variety anyway), I may have lost in general stomach upsetness.  Still, white rice for dinner, followed by fruit juice and dark chocolate, and I’m still alive…

Hell, I’ve even been able to clean the downstairs bathroom (which I would have done at the weekend if not for, y’know, chundering), and also give the upstairs one a scrub as well (since I probably messed it up at the weekend due to, y’know, ralphing), even though I should be taking things easy and not over-exerting myself!

Tomorrow (today?) I intend to return to work, though I’m in two minds about going to any events afterwards, such as a Japanese meetup or yoga; indeed, I wonder how much of the day I’ll be able to get through before being sent home due to still being green about the gills.  We’ll just have to see how I cope with (a) work, (b) food, and (c) the annoying woman… oh, did I mention the time in June 2010 she made me sit in a cold aircon draught when I’d come to work in a T-shirt (due to it being an extremely hot day), in spite of the cold I had at the time (and dwindling supply of snotrags), and I didn’t get to have lunch until around two hours after my usual time, because I was sooo indispensible to her presentation for a bunch of teenage oiks?

No, Dave, let it go… save your strength for Friday and another meeting with your personal trainer!


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