It’s all happening again!

Oh dear, another aspect of 2010 is repeating itself for me: there’s studying Windows 7, going on dates, playing Mass Effect 2… and puking up.  Back then it happened in early February, and involved me spending around 24 hours from Sunday dinner time (I hadn’t even had any dinner, which was perhaps fortunate) vomiting and… well, otherwise making use of the toilet, to the point where I stopped bothering to go to bed in between bouts, and “good housemate” asked me if I could keep the noise down.  I couldn’t even keep water down, and as a result dehydrated quite badly before I got on top of things.

I remained ill for much of the ensuing week, needing isotonic drinks to keep up my fluid levels, missing four days’ work and having to wait until Wednesday before I could eat anything significant.  That baked potato on Thursday was very welcome, however, and by Friday I felt able to return to work, though I still took the morning off to check with the quack, as recommended by “other female best friend”, who had been through a similar experience.  I was feeling weak as I went in, but I made it through an entire half-day’s work before coming back home again for the weekend to recover.

Fortunately today, almost exactly four years and three months later, it’s not been quite as bad: it’s after midnight and I feel like the worst is over.  Of course, whether I’ll be able to keep any water down tonight is another matter entirely, and I’m wondering if it’s even worth brushing my teeth a second time… but I wonder what caused it: I met an old friend to wander around the Science Museum, and he’d had a stomach bug, but then I also ate pizza, fizzy pop and chocolate for dinner this evening, after having perhaps not eaten particularly well beforehand, so perhaps this is a reaction to malnutrition rather than a virus or bacteria.

This year I’ve passed Windows 7, I’m going on dates and chatting up women, and I’m… well, probably doing just as well in Mass Effect 2 as I was back in 2010; my life now is much, much better than it was back then, and I’m hoping that my strength now will enable me to get through this far better than I did when I was weak and out-of-shape.  I lost a stone at that time, whereas I’m losing weight in a more healthy manner at the moment (though perhaps this will also help a bit, as long as I don’t lose any musculature).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to curl up shivering in bed (losing internal fluids really does make you cold!) and hope I don’t need to get up again during the night… yeah, that’d be nice…


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