More annoyances

And another thing!
–Prince Charles as a cabbie, Spitting Image

gmgWell, it had to happen eventually in 2014: a moany post in my blog.  A number of things are bugging me at the moment, and they’re probably all my fault somehow…

(Don’t worry, no girl troubles this time around — my efforts continue…)

First of all, our fridge-freezer seemed to be working again on Monday morning, but today has stopped, like, being cool inside, just like it did on Friday and Saturday.  I and the other housemate who uses the fridge part have tried turning it off and on again (the tried and tested Microsoft method, which I’m going to have to tell people to use when I’m in tech support, no doubt) to no avail, so I’ll have to let the landlady know tomorrow that we still need a replacement.  Of course, my crazy drummer housemate may have done something to it, as he was claiming on Tuesday that it’s “supposed” to turn itself off for 48 hours every so often in order to defrost the freezer — apparently without warning, so you have no way to avoid losing all your refrigerated and frozen food.  I think we can safely say the thing’s broken and be done with it… I certainly won’t be buying Zanussi products for myself if this is how long they last — and even if we’d registered it and gotten a year’s warranty, we got it 13 months ago…

I confirmed the thing was kaput this evening after coming home from a Japanese meetup event (side annoyance: the Central Line to Liverpool St. was horrible thanks to the strike, even though the Northern Line is business as usual), and moreover after walking into my room to discover that the archive boxes I’d neatly stacked in the alcove behind my computer had all come crashing down… fortunately my PC is fine (otherwise I wouldn’t be blithering on my blog tonight, would I?), but the bottom box is clearly crushed beyond utility.  Oh well, I should probably have been using the plastic tubs I used in my house move anyway, so I’ll put my books and back issues of Private Eye in those instead, rather than keep them stacked on top of my wardrobe.  There, one problem solved…

My other annoyances are computer-related.  First of all, Mozilla have updated Firefox with a look and feel that is very different from how it’s been for ages, with no easy way of turning it back.  I’m investigating “classic” themes that have understandably sprung up, made by people more skilful than me to combat a problem that didn’t need to be… and on the same day, I note Microsoft issued a “patch” for Windows 7 that’s supposed to aid “upgrading” to the latest version of Windows.  As if I would ever consider touching Windows 8 with a bargepole!

(Ah ha ha ha, touching, because it’s a touchscreen-focused OS… no?  Oh, please yourselves!)

And finally… I may have gotten into an online argument with “female best friend’s” husband regarding marriage.  I saw he’d posted in some thread in some group on Facebook (yes, I know, Internet discussions, whatever), and felt the need to contribute: it was decrying the notion of polygamous marriage, with the usual Daily Mail-esque sarcastic comments along the lines of “oh, I suppose people will be marrying inanimate objects next, it’s the thin end of the wedge!”.  I tried to post reasonably, but it seems the thread initiator (as well as my quasi-brother-in-law) doesn’t object to this, or to gay marriage, as long as they’re not called marriage, because he feels that to do otherwise would lead to marriage meaning “anything”, and therefore “nothing”.

I posted that I was disappointed it was just an argument about semantics and “ownership” of words, and that it would have been for women to be told, when they got the vote, that they couldn’t call it “voting” because that would reduce the value of voting, and the discussion went all quiet… maybe I was being a bit emotive with my argument, but hey — if it was a debate then I was debating; and if it wasn’t, and was just one of those “post how much you agree with me about this sort of thing” threads, then it deserved to be, ahem, “trolled”, because fixed, entrenched ideas about tradition need to be challenged!  Not automatically swept into the dustbin of history, just challenged — as above, I am against change for the sake of it, and do feel that only truly committed couples (or trios etc.) should get married.  But hey, how many “normal” marriages are shams…

Ah, one final annoyance has presented itself this evening: my mother’s trying to scan a letter from the Stupid Loans company, since they’re so stupid that they want me to respond within 14 days to a letter dated 15 days ago.  (Is it the fault of second-class post?)  Naturally, her printer/scanner’s chosen this exact moment to not work properly, so I may just have to call them tomorrow to let them know I definitely want to defer again, and that maybe, if they want me to reply within 2 weeks of the date on the letter, they ought to send it less than 2 weeks after the date.  Which I can, of course, do after phoning my landlady to say that we need a new fridge-freezer after all — and that this time, we need to register it for the guarantee!

And tomorrow, of course, the annoying woman is back at work… lucky I have a tedious desk-based job to do, so I can listen to music!


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