Good news and bad news

Hello again — the reason I’m writing on Saturday morning is that there’s some important stuff to report.  I’d have written about the good news on Thursday evening if I’d not been out at a meetup event, or on Friday evening if I hadn’t been hanging out with “best mate” following personal training, but it’s a good job I waited, because now, as of 11am on 26/4/2014, there’s bad news to offset the good news…


As per tradition, I indicated my success on Facebook by posting a clip of these lads playing “Iron Man” on the air guitar… duuun duuun dun-dun-dun etc.

The good news first, obviously.  As you’ve no doubt been hoping, I did indeed pass my Windows 7 exam on Thursday; indeed, I got to the venue so early, and completed the test so quickly, that I’d finished by my arranged start time!  Considering I only got 90% of the 700 pass mark in 2012, it was quite gratifying to get 914 (presumably out of 1000?) this time around.

After having taken two days off to study/worry, I returned to the office on Friday with celebratory Krispy Kremes, and discovered I’d received a bonus: the annoying woman was on annual leave!  I also impressed my personal trainer in the evening, despite, you know, over-indulging in sugary doughnuts…

Of course, the real reward for passing a Windows 7 exam is simply not having to study for it any more, like, EVER, and so I’m just glad to get it out of the way.  I’ve got Server 2008 to worry about as well, but I can take that a bit more slowly, and focus on other things for a while.

(Maybe I’ll finally take guitar lessons?  Maybe I’ll work on chatting up women and socialising?  Or maybe I’ll just stay home and play games…)

fcnoooHowever, the bad news this morning is that our fridge-freezer, the one we got last March (as mentioned here), has gone kaput, bitten the dust, rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.  This is NOT a good thing, as I had quite a bit of frozen food in there, as did others, and the landlady’s not happy about it either, especially since it was her late husband who arranged delivery of it in the first place (and that’s probably dredged up bad memories for her as well).

We don’t seem to have registered the thing with Zanussi (I’m naming and shaming here) at the time of delivery, so I don’t know what’s going to happen next, whether we’ll have to pay for a full replacement, or if we’re even under warranty… but it’s notable that the last fridge-freezer (for which this was a replacement) took a long time to die, considering the freezer door couldn’t be closed properly due to all the ice, so what the hell went wrong with this one?  And it took well over a week for the new one to be delivered last March, and while we at least have another fridge, we have no working freezer yet again… so I guess it’s lucky I’ll be eating out for much of next week, due to some rather busy evenings!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and play Mass Effect 2 until Tony Blackburn comes on the radio.  That’s unless my good news and bad news are followed by ugly news: is the house going to burn down?  Are the ConDems banning video games and music?  Or, worst of all: do I have to tidy my room…?


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