Need another holiday

Yes, yes, all right, I know, I didn’t write anything during the Easter weekend, naughty Dave-ros, slap on the wrist.  I’d like to say it’s because I was too busy studying, but really, it’s because (despite my previous optimism) I didn’t have anything interesting to say, even by the standards of this blog.

However, I have certainly been studying for my Windows 7 exam on Thursday, and indeed am taking tomorrow off to prepare for it, as well as all of Thursday so I have time to make my way to the venue, which isn’t central except from the point of view of someone in Essex, or possibly the North Sea.  I guess it’s because everyone in convenient locations are going over to Windows 8 exams now (even though no-one actually likes it)?

Oh, I know: I’ve had one day back at work, and I need another two-day holiday!  Well, I still have precious little to do at work, and in any case I had an upset stomach today (possibly due to having mistakenly poured Olbas rather than earwax remover down my lughole last night, or possibly just a standard 24-hour bug), which made me a bit snappy with a social worker, so I’m not sorry to not be going in tomorrow (and I’m sure said SW isn’t either).  What I am sorry about, however, is that I had dinner at Nando’s this evening, as I didn’t have time to go home for dinner before my salsa class, but also didn’t have enough to do to kill time before it started, because I discovered once I got there that it had been cancelled anyway, so I could have eaten more cheaply at home.

Silver lining: the big Co-op opposite the venue actually had some of their animal product-free anti-dandruff shampoo (and also not tested on animals, unlike Head & Shoulders, which I haven’t used since 1999), which was a nice discovery since the one near my folks’ home in Worthing doesn’t stock this particular product (neither does the one in Friern Barnet), and the one near my workplace is closing down and so doesn’t sell much of anything any more.  Alas, the Co-op as a whole seems to be going through all sorts of problems at the moment, and I’m thinking very strongly of ditching my account with their bank, and joining the Halifax instead, if only to get the free £100 for joining — and ahh, I’ve got a day off tomorrow, so I have time to pop into the one on my high street!

(Ethical banking is all very well, but not if I end up losing money because some cokehead couldn’t keep his eye on the ball and bought a dodgy building society… or, er, whatever non-libellous thing actually happened!)

Tomorrow and Thursday aren’t my only days off in the near future, however: apart from two Bank Holidays in May (and to think, I used to resent them when I was at school!), I also intend to spend a week in Worthing keeping my grandmother company while my mother takes a well-earned holiday of her own (if she can find a package that appeals to her, of course).  I can study or play games while having my meals cooked for me, but I’ll have to upgrade the computer in my Worthing room if I want to do anything online, thanks to Windows XP having become a liability — but hey, I have the skills now, I could create a customised WIM file with all the updates, Service Pack 1 etc., and install it from a USB thumbdrive with an Autounattend.xml file so I don’t need to sit there tapping away while it does its thing.

See?  There’s a practical use for this stuff after all!  But I’d better save up my remaining annual leave, in the hope that I’ll be able to quit a few days early in June, and not have to run out the clock doing, er, all that work I don’t have because I keep doing it too quickly…


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