Welcome to Dumpsville… again

ForeverAloneHi, I’m here after all, as my legs ached too much after the weekend (not to mention climbing on Thursday and personal training on Friday) for me to even think of going to yoga tonight — but rather than spend all my time playing Mass Effect 2 studying Windows 7, I thought I’d tell you about the end of the latest chapter of the ongoing disaster of my love life.  But don’t worry, it’s not a depressing post for a change… well, you might be depressed on my behalf, but I’m actually slightly relieved…

To start at the beginning: another woman asked me out via that dating site where I’ve been asked out at least four times already (but haven’t myself successfully asked anyone out), and she seemed nice, though (a) about my age, with a married younger sister, and (b) possessed of a strong South London accent that made her sound altogether too similar for my liking to Janet Street-Porter.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with people from “sahf Lahndan” (as such), but voice is very important to me, since I always want to talk!

Despite all this, she was nice, and I was willing to give her a chance — and during that first date, we seemed to hit it off, and kissed good night after having held hands while I walked her to the bus stop.  We met again on Saturday, down in the Docklands area, and again we had a good time together (watching Muppets Most Wanted — which was hard for me as I hadn’t seen the first one and so couldn’t follow the complex plotlines — and walking around a museum); I even began hugging her on the DLR home, and again, we kissed goodbye…

But I heard nothing from her until this evening, even though I’d texted her twice!  She’d seemed perfectly happy when we parted, and had said she liked me for my gentlemanly behaviour; alas, it seems she didn’t feel a “spark” between us (could have fooled me), and has now ended it, though she’s happy to be friends.  As opposed to other failures, however, on this occasion it was a relief, because not only did I get closure after less than a couple of days (unlike that previous occasion you may remember, where it took ages to get a response, or other occasions where she just disappeared from my life entirely), but hey, I wasn’t that into this relationship anyway… which sounds like I’m making excuses, I admit!

Well, that’s twice I’ve gotten to a second date and then been let go… maybe next time I’ll get to a third date, and perhaps “full closure”?  Well, I’m not going to worry too much: I’m going to salsa dancing tomorrow evening, and an event run by the dating site on Thursday evening, so it’s not like I’m sitting at home every evening wishing a woman would appear in my life, like I was in 2010 when I was also playing Mass Effect 2 studying Windows 7…


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