Not going out?

Just a quick one tonight: I didn’t go climbing after work, as it looked like “best mate” was going on Saturday, though he’s since called to say he may not be able to after all, due to getting weekend work (which he always needs to focus on as he gets paid more, and I’d be bored in London if he ever had to go back to Ireland!).  Thus I did some Wii Fit Plus-based cardio, and… well, I’m on to BioShock Infinite at the moment.  Don’t worry, I’ll study at the weekend, though really I just want to get Windows 7 out of the way, for better or for worse!

Yes, I need a girlfriend, what useful and sage advice you are dispensing… but I need to find someone with whom I have a real “spark”, rather than going on a date and then never seeing her again.  At least I’m talking again to two females in my past: the one who broke up with me because she thought I was too much like a teenager, who’s still fun to communicate with, and — amazingly — the Taiwanese girl who asked me out through a dating site, but who I seemed to put off me with post-date texting!  In both cases, ironically, it was seeing them post on Facebook that prompted me to communicate, so Mark Zuckerberg, thank you.  Now please stop spying on me…

And that’s all for tonight — but don’t worry, “cool things” post coming tomorrow; I’ll start it tonight and finish it off tomorrow night after personal torture.  And yay, then I’ll have posted every night during the working week!


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