Recovering from the week so far

simpsons_buddhismI know it’s only Wednesday, but I try to make this my evening to recover from the week I’ve had up to this point — and hence my evening to play video games, and perhaps not eat as healthily as I usually do.  My week’s been very unpleasant so far, as not only has the annoying woman been around a great deal (at least she’s off tomorrow, hooray!), but the only work they can find for me is of the “stuffing envelopes” variety.  Still, it beats archive work…

The main reason I had to stay in tonight is that I had another webinar to attend (at least I won £10 for basically saying “MS Office” in response to a question!), but even though I was able to rush out after the one last night and go to yoga, tonight I felt exhausted enough to not even do any Wii Fit Plus exercises, but just to sit down.  Don’t worry, I’m going climbing tomorrow night and seeing my personal torturer on Friday evening, so it’s not like I’m getting fat!  (Well, no more than usual, anyway…)

Of course, I really should be tidying my room as well, but that can wait until the weekend — it’s hardly an urgent task!  (Oh, do I hear my mother gritting her teeth?)  That’s also when I’ll try to take some stuff to the dump — specifically electronic stuff that the usual recycling collections don’t pick up, and some old towels and bedclothes that can’t be given to charity for obvious hygiene reasons (no, not just because they’re mine!).

(I won’t be taking any CDs to the charity shop, however: where did you get such a ludicrous idea?  Oh, that… well, won’t I appear foolish if you read that post after 1st April!)

Good news: my position at work was confirmed today, which is to say, they’ve confirmed that they’re making me redundant at the end of June, so I’ve got one quarter, three months, left in my job before I can finally tell them to screw off give me my final paycheque.  Happily, they’re giving me redundancy commensurate with the higher grade I’m acting up into, rather than my substantive post — which is to say, mo’ money — plus a discretionary allowance on top, which I understand is a bribe to make me stay and train up whoever takes over my work.  This money should tide me over when I’m (a) doing an unpaid placement, and (b) doing a low-level IT job that pays less than even my substantive post (and it was acting up which enabled me to afford to live here, go to America and pay for the IT course in the first place), and hopefully support me until I can earn £40,000pa, or whatever I’m destined to receive.

(Damn, I’d have to start paying back my pre-New Labour student loan!)

The reason I’m so knackered at the moment is, unsurprisingly, the clocks going forward; I’ve been so restless at night that I’ve even started dreaming again (or at least remembering my dreams), which is rather nostalgic.  Last night I had strange visions of “best mate” and I leaving a (hijacked?) truck and some alcohol in a part of town we couldn’t find again (were we high?), and felt worried that the cops would come after me, which, I think you’ll agree, makes it quite essential that I get a good night’s sleep… oh, we’re done here, you can go now…


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