Emerging from winter

Well, I made it through the cold: the weather’s finally turned, and I don’t need to worry about the heating any more (unless there’s another cold snap, which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility).  I don’t even mind losing an hour’s sleep, because I’ve been tired enough to sleep lately anyway… but it’s time for me to start catching up on some of my promises for 2014:

  • Although I go from strength to strength with my personal trainer, I don’t seem to be losing weight, or indeed discarding my love handles; hopefully this is a temporary situation (Easter isn’t helping — like I said, chocolate eggs keep ambushing me), and now that the cold is in retreat, I can shed the fat and become buff.  He wants me to be his regular Friday client, which is okay with me (hopefully I’ll be able to hang out with “best mate” afterwards, see a movie etc.).
  • I’m still stuck in the cycle of dating girls only once, or indeed meeting them initially at an event and then not seeing them again at all!  I can’t do too much socialising this week due to losing two evenings to webinars for my IT course, but I’ve got something on Monday evening, and maybe Thursday too, so we’ll see if I can put everything I’ve learned into action.  Either I’m a bad person, or there just aren’t any nice women out there (at least who are single)… which is a worse prospect?
  • Delays abound with my IT career, as I’m trying to get through to Promet– er, I mean, one of the two big IT exam companies, with whom I have an old account (the one I used to do A+ in 2011); they appear to have bugs with their software that mean I can’t update my phone number, and I don’t want them using my old number (which I’m planning to do away with entirely due to spam texts and unsolicited calls).  I’ll just have to keep studying, but I want to get Windows 7 out of the way, as I’m sick of not being able to read a book at lunchtime!
  • I’ve come to terms with Dave Brockie’s death: it’s not like the authorities are gonna come around and confiscate all my Gwar CDs, or that the songs won’t play on my phone any more!  It’s a shame he won’t be around to make another album, but I’ve still got four more albums to get through before I run out of the stuff he made — and maybe the other band members (Balsac, Jizmak, Beefcake and Pustulus) will recruit a new lead singer.  You never know, they might get Sexecutioner back in the band…
  • Although I undoubtedly won’t be able to afford to live here when I start working with IT (since I’ll be getting around £8,000 less (before tax) than I am now, at least for a while), I’m reluctant to move too far away: I’m happy going to the Castle, both to climb and to see my personal trainer (who’s also an Eminem/D12/Dr. Dre fan).  Much as I’d like to leave London some day and live in the suburbs, or even ditch the south-east of England entirely (oh, let’s be honest, I want to live in California, as does anyone else with any taste), this place is still part of my life, and any future home needs to grant me access there.  But I despise most of the north-east of London that I’ve been to, especially places on the Piccadilly and Victoria lines (including Caledonian Road, the place where my soul almost died), so where can I go?  At least with my books and DVDs in boxes, I won’t find it too difficult to pack up…

Yeah, it’s another generic “marking time” update, but I’ve not got much to say at the moment that I haven’t already said before — basically I’ve got to get things moving in the second quarter, or I’ll be stuck in this life longer than I want.  For better or worse, things have got to change…


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