The cycle is complete

anal_pratdirgeFinally I seem to be getting over my cold, but I can’t say for certain yet: there have been at least two other times I felt better, only for it to come back worse the next day, and the lady at work who gave it to me said that this was normal and had also happened to her and the person who gave it to her.  It’s been a nightmare, with me waking up with a sore throat every morning (sleep apnea caused by my nasal passages being eternally blocked?) — and the worst thing is, according to my 2012 diary, this happened two summers ago as well… but wasn’t I supposed to be healthy this year?  Indeed, and so I’ve resumed taking multivitamins, having stopped for a while owing to temporary madness (i.e. paying attention to tabloid headlines).  Maybe they “at best do nothing”, but if they’re placebos, they worked well enough in 2013, when I only had two colds (and one of those was abroad)!

My nasal passages haven’t been helped by the dust stirred up by a major cycle that took place today: I’ve moved around the furniture in my room, something I’d been planning for ages (possibly as much as a year), but which became opportune today when I was able to donate my one remaining bookcase to a housemate (there’s also a bigger, more ornate bookcase which came with the room that I’m still using).  I’ve packed loads of books I’ve already read over the past couple of years into boxes: all my Dune novels, everything by Peter F. Hamilton, and even my Discworld novels, as I’m now reading on my Kindle the ones I haven’t read before (starting with Unseen Academicals).  I’ve still got a lot of sorting through individual fiddly items to do, but frankly, once I’ve changed my bedclothes (since the current set will now be dusty), that’s it, I’m off to bed!

(One of the things I found today was my so-called “medicine bag”, containing various poltices and tinctures that I used to bring to work in 2011 and early 2012… including some IBS-reducing drugs prescribed by my doctor a week after that terrible day.  It was cathartic to throw them out, much like throwing out the diazepam at the end of January 2012, having not taken any!)

I’ve done this so I can have my computer by the window, just like I did when I was young and it was summer, so perhaps I should have waited until after the weather cycles through cold again during the coming week.  Much like the viral kind, cold seems to come at us in waves in this country (all down to, ahem, “global warming”, we’re told), and every time we think it’s over, it comes back again and forces us to fight over putting the heating on (and probably crash the control unit as well, meaning once again having to turn it off, wait a minute, turn it on, reset the time and reinput all the times for the hot water to turn on and off).

There’s one cycle that keeps repeating, and that’s just fine with me: I am of course talking about my music listening habits, and yes, this is the inevitable part of the blog post where I go on about Gwar for a bit.  There are various phases to my music at this stage of my life:

  1. Listen to all available music (sans skits and interludes) on phone (usually at work when the annoying woman won’t shut up).  Cheer any time a favourite Gwar track comes on (especially from Scumdogs of the Universe or America Must Be Destroyed, which were the original two for me).  While doing this, order the next Gwar album, listen to it on CD, and rip it to my computer and phone (without not yet adding it to the general playlist).
  2. Listen to latest Gwar album on phone (usually on the bus to the Castle).
  3. Listen to all Gwar music in shuffle mode, possibly more than once (depending on office noise level), noting the tracks from the newest album and becoming more familiar with them (though it takes a few listens to memorise the lyrics).
  4. (optional) Listen to another album (usually on the bus to the Castle, train to Worthing etc.) — this may be by Eminem, OutKast, N.W.A, D12, Nigel Planer etc. etc.
  5. Add latest Gwar tracks to the general playlist (along with any other albums recently purchased), and return to the start of the sequence.

What’s that word you keep muttering?  “Intervention”?  Don’t be silly, I can stop listening to Gwar any time I like.  Why, I’ve found myself singing Eminem songs at times… inasmuch as a rap can be “sung”, obviously (and I even spotted one of his recent songs playing in the cinema lobby last night… “Berzerk”, if you care).

Commuting has its phases: I go through periods of listening to music on the Tube, usually brought to an end by a period of reading on the Tube instead, be that either on smartphone or “dead tree” book.  I’m in the latter phase at the moment as I try to finish off my remaining Asimov paperbacks so they can all be archived as well, and after that it’s back to the convenience of e-books.  There was a period where I was exclusively watching Beavis and Butt-head during my commutes, but that won’t repeat for a while… though perhaps it’s time I rewatched Space Battleship Yamato again, it having been far too long (two years) since the last time…

One cycle I’m hoping I can bring to an end soon is that of studying for Windows 7 and taking mock exams — it’s time to do the thing for real, and stop wussing out all the time, otherwise I’ll never get into IT.  Another is my weight constantly fluctuating around 13 stone; I’m not convinced I’m up in weight at the moment due to muscular development (though it’s certainly true that I’ve maintained capability during the unpleasantness), but more due to winter fat retention combined with the fact that it’s the period leading up to Easter, and thus chocolate eggs are in abundance.  Those things are treacherous, and frequently ambush me!

There’s also the cycle of going on one date with a girl and then never seeing her again; my dating coach reckons I can get back in touch with women I’ve not spoken to for ages, so I’ll try that out.  At least she gave me useful one bit of advice: if a woman’s agreed to meet with me alone when we’ve only met once before (e.g. at a event), it’s safe to assume she’s hoping for it to be a date, not just “two friends meeting up”… so a lot of the time, I’ve not been coming on strongly enough — I’ve been boring rather than scary!

Which also describes me now, so I’ll sign off for now and begin again the cycle of making you all wait for me to have something vaguely interesting to talk about in my blog.  Hey, remember when I said I’d stop writing it when my life was in order?  My failure to write very often thus suggests I’m getting close to that point, so here’s hoping…


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