Having a break


I’m also trying not to stay up late watching Seth McFarlane cartoons, with around 60% success…

Hi again, did y’all miss me?  I know I’ve been lax with regard to writing this, and I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been having too much fun, but truthfully, I’ve just been too indolent to write anything interesting or funny (though perhaps you haven’t noticed me writing anything interesting or funny anyway?).

However, now seems like a good time: I’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend doing nothing important (aside from cleaning the upstairs bathroom and picking up rubbish from our front garden), and not doing any significant exercising or studying.  This is partly because I seem to have another illness: yes, despite having very little in the period November 2012 to November 2013, I now seem to be a walking disease bag again, possibly due to not taking multivitamins any more (thanks to that news story stating that, at best, they do nothing).  It must have been coming on back on Friday, when my personal trainer noted I sounded a bit congested, even though it didn’t stop me having an excellent PB-busting session; now, however, I’ve got a sore throat, a cough, and no small amount of mucus.  (Oh, sorry, were you eating?)

My immune system was very probably weakened last Sunday, when I stood around on a cold, dismal day supporting my mother, who was taking part in an endurance run (a rehearsal for when she later takes on Tough Mudder).  I certainly got cold enough, and indeed worried enough, to be very glad when I could go to her at the administration tent, where she herself had bad hypothermia (enough to be quivering) and a sprained ankle, which had forced her to retire from the race.  It should be noted that she wasn’t knackered at all, whereas I would have probably been gasping for breath after the first mile, so she’s clearly in better shape than me, as well as being incredibly brave and inspirational!

(I have no interest in mud runs, however, except as a spectator sport, and only when all the contestants are college girls in skimpy outfits… oh, come on, I’m only human!)

There’s also stress — that weekend was ruined for me in public transport terms by engineering work-related suspensions (my exact bit of the Northern Line and part of the Victoria-to-Brighton line), and it was followed by a very noisy week at work, which has required me to put on noise-cancelling headphones and play Gwar loudly in order to drown out those maddening, incessant voices outside my head.  Plus, it looks like I’m being kept on until June rather than escaping at the end of the current financial year, which makes me feel like I’m trapped; though on the flipside this means (a) I don’t need to hurry so much to pass my Windows 7 exam, and (b) I’ll be getting redundancy money at the rate for my “acting up” rather than “substantive” post, which is to say, mo’ money.

It’s possible I caught this bug from a lady at work who’s been coughing pretty much constantly since the start of 2014, but conceivably it could also be incipient hay fever, as the past couple of days have been surprisingly nice in weather terms (so much so that I don’t mind the heating having been turned off entirely), and plants could be returning to life and thus inflicting their pollen upon me.  Hay fever is something that’s been an increasing problem for me over the years, and they say it’s brought on by pollution…

I’ve hardly spoken to anyone this weekend; “best mate” hasn’t visited due to his car not being available, and although I went on a date on Thursday (once again I have the encouraging thought that university-age girls find me attractive, even if it’s as a sugar daddy), I won’t get the chance to see her again for a while due to her studies.  And I remember the last time I screwed things up with a cute Oriental twentysomething because of illness, so I’m going to play things cool this time!

So, what is it I do when I have the weekend to myself?  Well, principally I’ve been replaying BioShock 2 and watching Columbo episodes on TV, but I’ve also been re-reading my old diary entries from 2009 and 2010, a period of my life that wasn’t happy — perhaps most of all due to landing in my current job, which meant I ended up kind of immobilised for a further five years, especially since for a long time I never went out, except to Japanese classes, and just stayed home playing video games and watching TV every evening.  Plus, I seemed to get sick with worrying regularity, possibly due to all the dust in the file archive, or also possibly due to hay fever (one day I had a horrible attack come on just as I returned to Caledonian Road).  So, not unlike this weekend overall, except I’m rather happier now than I was then (which wouldn’t be hard)!

Do I regret 2009 and 2010?  Well, yes, quite honestly — I let myself get lazy, using my horrible work situation as an excuse to become even more introverted than I was, and then complained that women weren’t falling over themselves to ask me out via online dating (a situation which, of course, came to a head in 2011).  Things got a little better when I took those A+ and MCSE classes, because even though I didn’t take exams in the latter (and they wouldn’t have been useful anyway, since they would have been based on the obsolete Windows Server 2003), they at least got me using my brain and working towards something better, and what I learned there will still be moderately useful when I study Server 2008.  I regret being lumbered with those damn text books, though — I was glad to get rid of them finally, as even if my workplace’s “give & take” session didn’t see them into someone else’s possession, at least they’re not MY problem any more!

(Another good thing about 2010 is that I got loads of volumes of Judge Dredd collected comics, which are completely zarjaz… hey, if Eminem can escape into comic books, why can’t I?  Aw, drokk you!)

Don’t worry, next week I won’t waste so much time doing what I used to do all the time (or reliving same via my journal) — instead, I’ll revise for my Windows 7 exam and make sure to arrange it for before the end of the month, and also, sickness permitting, go to a Japanese meetup event and see if I can get another date.  I just have to hope my throat’s better by then and I’m not whispering the whole time, as pubs can get very loud, and I hate shouting at the best of times.

Oh, and Wii Fit Plus has had a stay of execution, as my personal trainer recommended I do some “cardio” during the week, and I discovered that I can actually still do the “jogging plus” exercise, something I stopped doing for ages due to concern over my left ankle, which I twisted in, er, January 2013 (so if it’s not better now, it never will be).  I’ve made it to the highest skill level, which means jogging across the entire Wii Fit Island; this combined with the highest skill level of “rhythm boxing” (where the guy talks faster than in the lower levels) means I can have about 25 minutes of raised heart rate, which helps to burn away the fat.  Hey, I’m not quite buff yet, but I’m getting there!

(It’d help if the Wii didn’t keep missing some of my punches entirely — I bought a new Wiimote and nunchuck, and it still keeps happening, and Nintendo have been no help, because it’s not a Wii U!)

So there you go, despite the setback of a cough, I’m still getting my life in order: going on dates, getting rid of clutter, working towards a better job and keeping fit.  Admittedly it’s going to be difficult if I’m still prone to getting sick, so I might have to defy the tabloids and start taking multivitamins again… at least until the Daily Fail links them to cancer, swine ‘flu, falling house prices and immigrant terrorist paedophiles!


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