On into 2014


You’ll be pleased to know my new smartphone plays the sound of Roger going “Myah!”, because it’s less annoying than the cursed Samsung whistle

Yes, it’s the obligatory last post of 2013!  Just to summarise the Christmas break: I’ve mostly been lazing at home in Worthing, occasionally going for walks with my mother (or doing yoga when the heating broke), studying IT, watching TV, replaying the original Thief (in anticipation of the reboot coming out in 2014), and tinkering with my new Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone (which is excellent, but more of a battery hog than my old HTC Desire Z!).  I’ve eaten too much thanks to my grandmother’s cooking, and have been coughing thanks to catching something from my mother, but am looking forward to returning to London, if not to work…

I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do in 2013: I fell out of the habit of translating Japanese children’s books, and didn’t get far with that Dalek strategy game, though both remain in existence and can be resumed in the future.  I also didn’t even begin searching for my father, though I intend to do so in 2014 (perhaps making a road trip of it with “best mate”, the guy I used to call “newest friend”).

However, I certainly got fit (thanks largely to my “personal torturer” and the pride it evoked in my mother), and I’ve remained off the wagon (I’ll be having some champagne with my mother later tonight — my grandmother’s drinking something else).  I also got rid of a bookcase, with another to go hopefully soon, and also finally disposed of my old computer desk; and, as you know, I went to America as I’d planned, despite my prior trepidation.  A pity my assistance to the local campaigners couldn’t stop the scumbag Tories in Barnet council from handing almost everything to incompetent private companies, but it’s not like they’ll get voted back in next year anyway, so why would they even care what us proles think?

Of course, in terms of fighting depression and anxiety, 2013 wasn’t an unalloyed success for me: I got down after my holiday, had a very mixed day at “female best friend’s” wedding, and later got even more down than perhaps ever before, feeling lousy again even later.  However, I’ve started socialising (perhaps too much), and also begun in earnest my efforts to leave admin behind and start a career in IT.  I’ve tried to meet women, and though at times I’ve felt naive optimism, I’ve also come closer to figuring out what it is I want, though remembering what was, regretting what might have been, and remaining aware of what I don’t want to become,

And that last linked post sums up nicely another thing I’ve been doing in 2013: gratuitous Gwar references in this blog!  Well, I’ve been mentioning them since a post in March, so why would you think I’d stop now?  I enjoy their insane songs backed by incredible guitar work, so tough, they’ll always have a home here at “Dave-ros Lives!”, until such time as I grow beyond them (which, let’s face it, is unlikely to happen while I continue to put my own enjoyment ahead of what society thinks I should be doing “at my age”).

Blogwise, apart from coming to terms with things here and airing my dirty laundry, I’m most proud that I was able to big up Doctor Who on its 50th anniversary (which happened to fall on the same day of the week as the original broadcast), and I also paid respects to Beavis and Butt-head, which I watched all the way through, giving me something to joke about with “best mate” (and inspiring me to listen to Gwar and Black Sabbath).  I also infamously blogged about gender politics (ooh, I still feel enraged by that Bertolli advert), but it’s worth noting that I saw a young woman give up her seat for a pregnant woman on the Tube recently, so perhaps we’re finally entering an age of truly equal rights…?

(Oh, and I’ve also been “exploring emotions” and “unapologising” in 2013, but you can look those posts up for yourselves!)

There, has that summed up my 2013 sufficiently?  Well, I need to be back at work on Thursday the 2nd, but thanks to ongoing problems with trains, it’s going to be difficult for me to get back to London (and my superior computer) tomorrow — but that’s when I’ll post about my plans for 2014.  However, sneak preview: these will include getting laid and listening to more Gwar… whaddaya mean, that’s obvious?!  Well, I suppose any normal bloke would say he wants to listen to Gwar, but I still feel compelled to mention it here!

Anyway, I hope all those reading have (or have had) a happy new year, and in 2014, rather than merely existing or surviving, let’s hope that, once and for all, DAVE-ROS LIVES!


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