Moving on


Unlike Roland of Gilead, when I go forward I still look back at the places I leave… though mostly to say “I’m glad I’m not there any more!”

Today “best mate” was finally able to help me dispose of the pieces of my old computer desk — the one that I’ve had since early 2002, and which (apart from my early years in London) has been of great benefit to me, but which became a millstone around my neck last year when I moved out of Caledonian Road.  I admit, it felt sad to see the actual desk part fly out of my hands into the wood container at the dump, because it was the most recognisable shape… but it was good to get rid of the stuff at last, as it’s been disassembled and in my way for weeks now.  Don’t worry, I gave it a quick salute (as I did for my old Amstrad CPC monitor back in March), as it’s part of my past — but the past is where it definitely belongs!

I’m also moving beyond paper books, at long last: I’ve confirmed that Amazon, at least, has the works of Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Peter F. Hamilton and Stephen King available in e-book format, so I feel the time has come to ditch my novel collection and start using a reader instead.  I know, Kindle lock-in, but I still think it’s my best way forward — and I intend to give all my old books away to charity; one of my friends has requested I donate to a Red Cross store, in order to help support the Philippines hurricane relief effort, but unfortunately there isn’t one anywhere near here, and I’ve got some heavy books (my MCSE text books, for example).  I may need “best mate” to drive me again… and I’ll have another bookcase to sell (and, correspondingly, more space in my room and less to transport to my next house).

This gels nicely with my intention to get a better phone at Christmas (I’m hoping my folks will agree to help pay for it), with a bigger screen, of the kind that it’s acceptable to read e-books on.  My current phone, which has served me loyally since March 2012, is really grating on my nerves at the moment, and I don’t have the time or inclination to put Cyanogen on it (that would involve about 20 steps, each more difficult than the last), so it’s time to leave HTC and embrace… Samsung?  Well, anyone but Apple, as I intend to stick with my 3 account (for now).

What else have I moved on from this year?  Well, I’ve bid goodbye to a number of people at work that I liked, but I’m also finally leaving behind tedious archive work to the kind of work I can do at my desk… or at home, on that pesky new laptop.  Yes, the infernal gadget has at least one use (though I’ll hang on to my work desktop for as long as I can), and if I can work from home, it’ll solve a number of problems I have, such as choosing between either coming home and going out again when my meetup events are inconveniently timed or staying late at work and then eating out (or skipping dinner entirely), because if I work from home in the afternoon, I can make dinner at, say, 5pm after “coming home” instantaneously, and then set off for yoga etc. in time to arrive for 7:30pm!  Yeah, it means I’ll be visiting Computer Exchange and Forbidden Planet less than before, but if it saves me money and stops me buying gewgaws all the time (ornaments are another thing I’ve got too many of), it’s all good.

I’ve also moved on from… well, several women who I’ve dated once and then never seen again (as well as the one who saw me twice before breaking it off) — I met my quasi-psychiatrist at the weekend again, and she reckons I need to tell women what I want from them, rather than be polite and reserved.  Undoubtedly it was the post-date texting that put the latest one off me, and saying things like “would that be all right?”, though it bugs me that women are still able to discount men for trifling things like texting back less than X minutes later — equal rights should mean equal responsibility in forming relationships!

(Yes, all right, she was the fourth woman to ask me out this year, but I still feel like I’m expected to have to be the one who makes all the personality changes!)

So it’s highly unlikely I’ll have a girlfriend before the end of the year… but whatever, it gives me more time to get fit, so any girlfriend won’t be horrified at the sight of me with my shirt off.  I still have a spare tyre, and annoyingly my weight loss has plateaued (is that the right word when something flattens out after going down rather than up?), but my personal torturer is always impressed by my skill.  So, despite setbacks such as getting a cold and being too busy to go climbing at the Castle, I’ve moved on from my old life of lazing around, eating unhealthily and never going out of an evening.

And finally, as I said, I’ve moved on from A+ studies to Windows 7 (70-680) — which has meant leaving behind the energetic Robb Tracy and listening instead to a boring Canadian.  I’d actually rather he kept ending sentences with “eh?” than his actual verbal tic, which is to preface every verb with “go ahead and…”.  As in, “I’ll just go ahead and click on…”, or “then you go ahead and open…”, and it’s REALLY ANNOYING!!!  And who else says “go ahead and” all the time?  Oh, only the worst boss in human history, of course (from the film Office Space)…


“Yyyeeeaaahhh. I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday…”


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