My luck runs out (health-wise)

beavbuttsickWell, it’s been a while — a longer gap than perhaps any other time in my life — but I’m coming down with something again, for the first time since I was in California (and, if it hadn’t been for those foreign germs, it’d be the first time since last November).  Woke up this morning with a sore throat, which hasn’t gone away no matter what sugary placebos I’ve munched on, and although I’ve been able to go climbing with “best mate” this evening, I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow…

So, how has this happened?  Well, there are several possible causes, which of course aren’t mutually exclusive:

  1. I spent yesterday evening at the Science Museum, surrounded by people (and it was even worse on the Piccadilly Line), and caught something from a tourist;
  2. My immune system has been negatively impacted by the amount of stress I’m under at work, especially due to noisy people in my office (both the annoying women, for example);
  3. I caught something from one of the boxes of ancient files I’m dealing with at work (I call it “the funk of 40,000 years”);
  4. I’ve got a date on Friday after work, so naturally I’ve caught something at just the right time to ruin it (Murphy’s Law);
  5. The blood donor organisation texted me to beg for some of my rare blood, so naturally I’ve caught something at just the right time to ensure I can’t donate (also Murphy’s Law);
  6. $DEITY is punishing me for doing so well at my A+ exams (especially considering my moral dilemma);
  7. Earth just passed through a comet tail, and some interstellar viruses settled through the atmosphere to infect us all;
  8. Everyone else is catching something at the moment, and even my health streak can’t protect me — basically it’s “one of those things”.  (Yes, I know, I’m being silly now!)

So, although I’m confident I can go to work tomorrow morning to do my essential weekly reports (without which a certain London borough’s child social services would fall apart, it says here), I wonder if I’ll be able to do anything else, or if I’ll find myself curled up in bed (alone, naturally), drinking Lemsip (other remedies are available) and feeling sorry for myself.

But I won’t complain about it, because tonight at climbing I managed a 12m. wall, an overhang, and a 6a (albeit a pitifully easy one, barely even a 5… what, esoteric, moi?), despite feeling generally lousy.  And if it doesn’t get any worse than this, and if the weather doesn’t totally suck over the next few days, I may be all right.

However, I fully intend to do absolutely stuff-all this weekend, because frankly I’ve earned it!


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