Things are getting better


“Everything’s coming up Milhouse!”, says everyone on the Internet — but when have I ever ignored a meme?

Don’t worry, folks, I survived the storm of 2013 on Monday, although I did see some felled trees, including one almost blocking entry to the Castle — and in fact have had a very productive day, which seems to have rounded off a generally good month of my life!  Why, turning 36 seems to have been the best decision I ever made…

No, I won’t complain about the Northern Line, since the heavy winds meant every form of public transport in the Greater London area and beyond was disrupted beyond usability; suffice to say, it was no worse than usual.  And I seem to have been a lot luckier than people on other lines, especially the London Overground, which they suspended before anything had even happened!

My luck held when I attended my second A+ exam in the afternoon: despite almost panicking at the start, when I got SEVEN simulator questions and realised I couldn’t use the /? switch to find the options for bootrec, I got an enormous 847 on the scale of 100 to 900.  Phew!  (I was also lucky that they didn’t have a power cut and force me to reschedule completely, like another incident you might recall…)  So, with my 841 for the first exam in the bag, I’m now A+ qualified… er, again, but this time at a higher level, and with the momentum to actually make use of it instead of faltering, and then getting depressed because an IT guy at work tells me it’s not worth anything because everyone’s got one… oh, sorry, I won’t dwell any more on 2011!

Anyway, despite the ongoing transport problems of the day, I was able to go home and then come out again to the Castle to see my personal torturer, who continues to be impressed by my improvements — to the point where he’s starting to find it difficult to spot for me!  I’ve even made it up to 12.5kg dumbbells for some exercises (not by choice — the set that the Castle has jump up from 10kg!), though it’ll be a while before I can start on that weight rather than round off my sets with a couple of showoff reps.  A while?  Maybe a couple of weeks at my current rate!  I am, after all, my great-grandfather’s… er… great-grandson.

(I wonder whether my maternal lineage comes in a roundabout way from Japan, and indeed whether one of my ancestors was Benkei, the powerful warrior-monk who fought alongside Yoshitsune?  It would explain why my mother loves Japanese culture, and why I seem to like Oriental women…)


Never thought I’d end up missing this guy…

Unfortunately, there’s a couple of clouds on the horizon: for one thing, my weight seems to be rebouding, though this might be due to me gaining muscle mass.  Hey, everyone knows that BMI is quackery, right?  Right?  And, even worse, although I’m now on the next module for my IT studies (Windows 7), it seems that the familiar, quirky Robb Tracy has been replaced in the video material by some bloke I can only describe as a “Latin Canuck”, with an annoying sing-song voice.  Oh well, I suppose Italians and Canadians have something in common: they both say “eh” all the time…

I also built my new computer desk and dismantled the old one, but need “best mate’s” help disposing of the pieces, though I’ve found I can use some of them as hard surfaces for my scales and Wii Fit Plus balance board, to ensure I get accurate weight readings and don’t think I’m lighter than I am because of the carpet.  I’ve nearly finished ripping DVDs to hard drive, and hopefully my room reorganisation will make it easier to archive things in boxes in the weird little alcove (which is currently behind my bed).

And yes, I’m still listening to Gwar, don’t expect that to change any time soon (don’t worry, I’ll still get Eminem’s new album when it comes out).  I actually have a total of EIGHT albums now that Violence Has Arrived has arrived, and since the general shuffle on my phone went wonky the other day when I was 100 songs away from the end, I’ve decided, what the hell, Gwar on full rotation.  Which is to say, Oderus Urungus can spin on it!

(No, I didn’t disdain We Kill Everything, I thought it was fine — don’t know whether that makes me more or less of a bohab?)

Finally: yes, I’m still going to meetup groups, and I’m also still dating actual women, even though as yet I haven’t met the girl of my dreams — but it’s better to travel hopefully than arrive, and the mere fact that I’m getting asked out lifts my spirits a great deal.  (Anything else getting lifted?  “Ooh, Matron!”)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to work on my CV for my agency — unfortunately they want every single job I’ve ever had, which is going to take a while to compile!


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