Is Robb Tracy related to the gap-toothed model in the “Get the London Look” adverts?

Hi, hope you hadn’t forgotten about me?  I seem to be writing this once a week at the moment, which is perhaps a bit of an improvement, but I need to unburden myself here a bit more often.

For example: I confess that I did today, deliberately and with malice aforethought, get a whopping 841/900 in my first A+ exam (220-801).  Not quite as impressive as it seems, since the range goes from 100 to 900, but still a respectable >90%.  What am I confessing to?  Er, the fact that it was so easy for me because I’ve been using online question dumps, and although my IT agency positively encourages us to try them out, so many questions in my exam were exactly the same as in the online dumps that I feel like a fraud!  It’s a bit like the time when I was 14 that I overheard someone from another science set giving a boy in my set the answers to a Chemistry test, and I ended up getting 28/30 because the teacher didn’t change (or even reorder) the questions!  Everyone thought I was a cheat (perhaps because the guy actually receiving the answers got a much lower score), and the shadow has remained ‘pon my soul all these years…

Pleas in mitigation: I was reliably achieving marks of >90% in “mock” tests using these dumps anyway, and I felt cheated after failing my Windows 7 (70-680) exam in 2012 due to the questions bearing no resemblance to those in the book.  So, quite frankly, I think I deserve this — and it’s not like I’m some kind of cowboy who knows nothing about computers and hopes to blag his way through: there’s a nice man at work (an air conditioning servicer who looks suspiciously like James “Scotty” Doohan in the 1980s when he made the Star Trek movies) who’s recruited me to help him fix a laptop he’s been given, and I reckon I can do it!

(And yes, I’ve advised him to get a LEGAL copy of Windows, not a DVD-R with the name written on in felt tip pen…)

It’s not before time that I’m doing this, as I want to know I can leave my current job: one woman who helped me through the worst times of late 2011/early 2012, and whom I regard as a big sister, has just left to pursue her dream of becoming a childminder, which made me sad.  Similarly my supervisor, who has also encouraged me to get better and been a very positive influence, is also off on maternity leave now, and although her replacement is nice enough, there’s still Annoying Woman 2.0 in the office.  At least the original annoying woman is on holiday for a week, so I can justify buying Krispy Kremes for the office tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m in the process of committing another crime at the same time as “cheating” in an exam: I have been, without thought for the welfare of all those rich celebs and movie producers, ripping my movie DVD collection onto a 2TB hard drive I bought previously but couldn’t use as a main drive (because it’s too noisy).  Yes, foreign readers, it’s technically illegal to format-shift in the UK — but try and find a copper bored enough to arrest you for it when there are so many speeding drivers around!  I also now have a decent SSD as my C: drive, which means my computer takes mere seconds to start up, and my games are installed on a “normal” but good HDD (including as the Mass Effect games, which I’m replaying instead of cheating studying for IT exams at the moment).

Need to re-buy this on Blu-ray, since my DVD copy is “widescreen-in-4:3”, which means a tiny rectangle in the middle of my widescreen monitor!

With games installed and movies ripped, I can put their DVD cases into a box and hide it in the alcove behind my bed, where everything is still accessible in emergencies but fundamentally out of my way.  I don’t want to have to resort to using a storage company, like “best mate”, for whom I was keeping a big box o’ stuff in my room until this weekend (getting shot of it precipitated a massive room tidy — stop cheering, Mum!), as that’s expensive and means I can only get at my things if I can somehow get to the place, which on foot would be a dangerous journey that could rival the protagonist in Planes, Trains and Automobiles getting back from that car lot, and would probably end with a similar tirade of F-words!

I’m not just improving in intellectual terms: I’m also healthier than ever before, thanks to the minstrations of my personal trainer.  Admittedly I’ve not been so good this week, due to excessive catarrh brought on by a very unpleasant change in the weather (and one which makes me wonder if I can survive another winter, especially without a layer of insulating fat!), but I’m still lighter than I’ve been for many years, and I’m still eating relatively healthily (despite any reference to buying doughnuts tomorrow — I’ll only have one… okay, two!).

Perhaps this is why I’m occasionally getting attention from single females, and indeed, on rare and precious occasions, getting asked out through dating sites!  Admittedly I’m not a fan of these because I’d rather meet someone in meatspace (“the real world”, if you need that term defined), but it’s good to know that there are woman out there who like my profile and are brave (and modern!) enough to make the first move.  Plus, of course, I still sometimes get smiled at, though I’m unsure whether attractive women who smile at me for no apparent reason are:

  • A. intoxicated by my rugged good looks;
  • B. just being friendly in the same way they’re nice to everyone;
  • C. sensing I’m lonely and trying to give me a psychological boost; or
  • D. trying not to laugh at my ludicrous appearance.

(Hmm, yes, there’s a multiple choice question that goes from positive to negative in four options…)

Right, I’ve put this post in four categories now: does that make up for not posting more often?  I’ll write more another time, when I have something more interesting to say than “everything’s sort of all right, but not markedly different than before”!


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