Progress update

beavbutt_buffDon’t worry, I’m still here, and still getting better by degrees.  Why, today I saw my personal torturer again, after going climbing on Thursday and Saturday, and I’m getting ever more hunk-like.  It’s getting to the stage where I may have to buy trousers with smaller waistlines yet again, as the belt I bought just before my holiday (and which was literally the only non-leather belt I could find in Oxford Street) is getting ever tighter… five notches at the moment!  I’m even starting to show signs of an incipient sixpack — and while I know everyone has the necessary structure for one of these, I’m actually closer to having it show through than ever before!

I won’t ever be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but why would I want to be…?  Though I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to going around shirtless and letting the chicks get an eyeful of my bodily particles, something I haven’t been able to do since I was at university…

In other health news, now that the downstairs shower has been reopened for business after three weeks of remodelling, I’ve vowed to bathe or shower every day instead of every other day (or worse).  It’ll mean less time in the evenings for other things, but hey, it’s part of my continual drive to improve.  I’ve still not had a cold since I was in America in May, though I am getting a bit bunged up in the current weather.  I was very low when the weather changed suddenly a few weeks ago, but not any more — I don’t want to make claims about turning a corner (since I’ve done so before and still fallen into deep depression), but I think I’m getting better, thanks to the help of three people:

  • My personal torturer, who has greatly improved my health, and encourages me to improve.  While I’d love to big him up here by name, and thus drive business his way, I’d better not — instead I’ll just recommend those of you in the north London area who are looking for a personal trainer visit the Castle and consult a poster in the minigym…
  • A certain female psychologist with a name inspired by a female villain in the Batman series (but she doesn’t have a squeaky Brooklyn accent, mercifully), who I’ve been seeing… no, let me rephrase that — consulting recently regarding my self-confidence when it comes to women.  After all, I can talk to women like they’re human beings without difficulty, but chatting them up is much more difficult for me!  I told her the story I told you guys last week, and she reminded me that all the circumstances can be recreated — the most important thing is that I had the guts to go and talk to her, and she’ll see about helping me develop that confidence on a more permanent basis.
  • The guy who runs weekly yoga classes in a converted church off Albany Street — again I won’t name him (in case his lawyers are reading), but he’s a good bloke and he’s helping me in both physical and spiritual terms, as well as organising fortnightly singles events.  I can’t always go to his weekly events because Tuesdays are rather busy, but I’ll go whenever I can… and, as luck would have it, he’s friends with the female psychologist above!

Perhaps I can add a fourth before too long, as there’s a nice trainer at the IT agency through which I’m studying, and who runs the monthly webinars; we’ll judge how well he helps me by whether or not I pass my A+ 801 exam when I (a) organise and (b) take it.  I already took the 701 version in 2011 and passed, so this shouldn’t be a problem… right?

What other things are afoot?  Well, my 36th birthday fast approaches (my personal torturer says I can have a free session that day!), and I need/want a new computer desk, a new SSD hard drive, a new mouse… well, yeah, we’ll see about all that.  I’m moving to downsize my possessions at the moment, in terms of ripping all my DVDs to an external hard drive and archiving them in a box out of the way (which I’ll also do to my video games once I’ve installed them again, after cloning my Windows install to an SSD).  I’m also still re-reading novel epics (currently on the works of Asimov) such that I can give all my “dead tree” books away, and move over to e-books.

Decluttering is my aim — pruning away the deadwood, in terms of my possessions, my flab, and my emotional baggage.  Plus it’ll make it easier to pack if and when I have to move house again, though hopefully such a day will remain far off for now…

Oh!  I nearly forgot to mention Gwar — I’ve got another album to listen to tomorrow evening when I’m studyi– <CLICK>


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