Surrounded by idiots

Yes, this entry is rather later than I intended, but with good reason: when I came back from Worthing two weekends ago, I found that one of my housemates had cut us off the Internet — literally, with a hedge trimmer (his response: “oh, sorry”).  We thought we’d have an inconvenient few days before Virgin Media could splice in a new cable, but on Thursday just gone, we were informed that it would be another two weeks before someone would come to dig up our garden so that the entire length of cable could be replaced.

As a result, I’ve had to study IT at work after hours, and console myself during the long weekend (when I wasn’t visiting “female best friend” in Sheffield for her housewarming) by, er, playing games, both with “Call of…”  in the title (Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is actually really good, and helps me remember the face of my father…).  However, I’ve also made a couple of purchases from 3 (Three): a new mobile PAYG SIM, with dirt-cheap Internet access (compared to my ageing Tesco Mobile account), so I can post inane drivel on Facebook at any time instead of only when I’m at home; and a USB dongle (ooh, Matron!) to grant me access on this computer for basic tasks like e-mails and, well, this inane drivel.

Unfortunately, in the latter case I made a critical mistake: I lent it to my housemate (not the guy who cut us off, but the guy who is now our de facto head of household), who managed to use up almost all of the original 1GB allowance in the space of an hour, after I’d used up a mere 60MB!  So tonight I tried to put more allowance on; my debit card didn’t seem to work (or else 3’s website is broken), and my credit card took so long to work that it looked like it hadn’t, as even though they said I had another 1024MB allowance, they were still redirecting me to their walled garden when I tried to go to websites!

But all that aside, here I am now.  I can’t use this thing to do my online studying, of course, so I’ll be going back to Worthing on Friday to spend the week in the bosom of my family, revising IT and very likely going climbing with Mumsy more than once (I’m sure she’ll be delighted if I play Gwar for her in the car again!).

Want to know the worst part?  The annoying woman at work is taking next week off as well, so I’ll be missing a chance to work in an office from which she is absent.  Argh!  Oh well, at least I was able to enjoy a week without her earlier this month (and bought doughnuts for the office by way of celebration… well, the official story is that we’re so miserable without her that we need cheering up, the unofficial story is that I don’t want her eating them all, and the true story is that I don’t want her coming over to thank me for buying them!).

Anyway, when I come back to London on 6th September, oh boy, Virgin Media had better have sorted us out, or I’m going to be incandescent with rage!  But if not, I’m going to make up for lost time by signing up to all sorts of meetup groups, something I’ve not been able to do without a working Internet connection…


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