Getting healthier all the time


“One more day and we’ll be totally ripped!”

This is a relatively quick post about health matters (and also to ensure people remember this blog exists) — I plan to write something a bit more substantial this weekend, possibly a “complaints” post, but for now, I have good news…

As you know (if you’ve been paying attention), I’ve been seeing a personal trainer torturer since mid-March, and on Thursday he put me through the very same tests he inflicted upon me during that first assessment, on what was (according to these hallowed pages) a particularly bad day.  It emerged that I’d improved phenomenally from those early days, achieving in some cases a 200% increase in reps or times (though leg raises let me down, as I’d only gained a paltry 100%).  The guy seemed quite impressed, and said I should be proud — but hey, I couldn’t have achieved it without him!  I’d tout his business here if I thought anyone reading this actually lived in the north London area, but for now, I’ll have to settle for getting someone who works at the Castle to add this guy’s service to her wishlist…

And speaking of the Castle, I went there to climb with “best mate” (who I hadn’t seen since pulling out of joining him on a visit to Cornwall a couple of weeks ago — and he reckons I had a lucky escape after what went on during that trip!), and managed to do so despite my aching limbs.  I also intend to climb with my mother this weekend, assuming I can make it home (it’s one of those weekends when the Northern Line is closing, due to both days ending with a “Y”).  Phew!

I’ve probably mentioned before that I’ve lost around 20 pounds (er, around 10kg, or something of that order) since the start of this year; this seems to have improved my health overall, as I hardly ever get colds any more (my trip to America was an unfortunate exception — I was blowing my nose constantly as we arrived at ‘Frisco), and has also boosted my self-image and morale.  Yeah, I backslide occasionally, but this seems to be down to diet: I need to avoid overdosing on protein and experiencing the “Atkins Attitude” (a reference to the fad diet, not to my personal trainer — his attitude is always positive!), but my eating habits remain a work in progress and I’ll sort it out eventually.

In the meantime my main problem appears to be getting enough sleep, as I keep having late nights due to all the stuff I need to take care of.  Like this blog, for example — and so, on that basis, go away and let me rest!

(P.S. As an avid reader of Private Eye magazine, I cannot help but be delighted that this is my 94th post…)


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