Making up for lost time


IT guru Robb Tracy, the unholy offspring of Barry Gibb and Max Headroom

As you would imagine, I’ve been very busy lately, what with socialising and studying IT; indeed, I actually blew off a trip to Cornwall with “best mate” so I could catch up on my A+ studies, since I’ve got to account for myself on Wednesday.  However, I’m going to make an effort to post more in this blog, since so many things are changing in my life now, and I’m turning so many corners that only some Lovecraftian non-Euclidean warping of space could possibly explain why I haven’t ended up right where I started…

I really am making up for lost time in a number of ways: not just by socialising generally, and doing things I should have done years ago (like having actual friends that I actually see), but also in terms of romance.  Yes, as I said before, I’ve been going on what for want of a better word I shall call “dates”, and the most recent of these, with a woman I met at “Shy London” a couple of weeks ago, seems to be the most promising.  She’s actually older than me, but being Oriental doesn’t show it so much, and I enjoy talking and joking with her about our experiences… we even have things in common, like a love for heavy metal music (yes, I’ll try to get her to listen to Gwar, for the music if not for the lyrics!), and a passive-aggressive housemate (though in my case, that particular individual has moved out to be with her boyfriend).  We even kissed good night, and that was the first time it had happened to me in years…

I don’t necessarily think this woman is “the one”, and I won’t be buying a ring or anything (even though yet another of my classmates from school has wedding photos on Facebook today!), but it’s good to shake things up and try new experiences — like I said, things I should have done years ago (but couldn’t, because the girl in Michigan was keeping her virtue, if you know what I mean).  We’ll see how far this relationship goes, and even if nothing else happens, at least it’s something different from my usual routine of “fancy girl, ogle girl, fail to talk to girl, sulk”, occasionally punctuated with “fancy girl, talk to girl, discover girl has boyfriend, grudgingly be friends with girl, sulk”.

Plus, people have been noting recently that I’ve lost weight — not because I told them what my scales (and Wii Fit Plus) had been telling me, but entirely out of the blue and with no prompting whatsoever.  Maybe things really are looking up after all, and 2013 is going to be my year…

Anyway, more articles coming up here (once I’m over the worst of my IT course), including a “cool things” post about thunderstorms (a good one being as elusive as a good woman, it seems, and many failing to satisfy), and an “exploring emotions” about loneliness, a feeling I’m trying to combat, but which in the past never really bothered me.  Ooh, self-analytical navel-gazing, I’m sure you’re all riveted!


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