I get knocked down, but I get up again


“Needless to say, I had the last laugh!”

Don’t worry, folks, your humble narrator is back on his feet today, indicating very strongly that while I may innately suffer from some form of depression, it’s really getting brought on (at least in recent times) by some kind of nutritional imbalance.  I laid off the boiled eggs today, and I’ve felt… well, a bit like I’m detoxifying, getting the unpleasantness out of my system.

Too much information?  No, I was talking about negative spiritual energy, because I’ve been to yoga again!

After buying my mother a late birthday present (don’t read that, Mumsy, or you’ll spoil the surprise!), my yoga class helped me considerably, both in terms of spiritual relaxation and meeting people.  I’m still friends with “American girl”, someone who really helps to draw me out of myself, and I’ve made a new Japanese friend with whom I intend to meet up next Tuesday (just before going to a full-on Japanese meetup event that unfortunately conflicts with yoga!).  I’ve got a long weekend coming up, as I’ve booked Monday and Tuesday off (due to the need to use up my annual leave before my leave year resets).

As I keep having to remind myself, I need the company of other human beings — but there’s something else: yes, Dave’s realised he shouldn’t go everywhere hoping to “meet someone”.  But there’s a basis for this, and unfortunately it’s the notorious Reddit, to which one of my online forum friends directed me yesterday, as it has a sub-forum dealing with shy guys like me getting the confidence to talk to women.  See, the objective isn’t to “get” someone, it’s to experience the process of trying — and while I won’t use all their chauvinistic quasi-baseball (?) metaphors about “opening sets” and “number-closing”, I’ll take that bit of advice on board.

And maybe something I heard from a self-proclaimed dating expert, that when chatting a woman up, you should (a) not face your body towards her immediately, because that makes you seem “needy”, and (b) look at her mouth when she’s talking, because then she’ll subconsciously… er, yeah, somewhere between phrenology and BMI in terms of quackery, I’m sure!

I hope I haven’t worried anyone too much… yeah, fat chance, I worry about myself sometimes.  I’ve just got to keep plugging away, and improve my life bit by bit, knowing that I’ll get these occasional downers where it feels like I can’t cope — but I made it this far, so I can make it to the end!

Besides, tomorrow I’ve got something to look forward to: after another online session with the bods at my IT agency, and probably also after dinner and my nightly episode of Doctor Who, I’m going to Regent’s Park for a stargazing event!  (Unless it’s rained off or clouded out, of course!)  I used to do astronomy all the time (I’ll probably write a post about how I survived three years living in Worthing with my folks between university courses sometimes, as it includes the local astronomy society), and I’m sure I can remember enough to sound impressive and knowledgeable, perhaps even as much as the late, and sadly missed, Sir Patrick Moore.  I’ll try not to go girl-hunting and just enjoy the event, but it is worth mentioning that I got together with that girl in Michigan as a result of an astronomy “open house”…


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