Alone again, naturally


Rob Tracy, the least-convincing Thunderbirds puppet of all

I’m still going to loads of meetup groups and making new friends, and it’s getting so hectic that I don’t even have time to play video games every night of the week (oh no!), but on Wednesday and Thursday I stayed in to study IT, with the films of the dorky American guy who looks like Matt Frewer with Bee Gee teeth, and whose hairline changes back and forth in different videos.  Similarly, tonight I’m staying in (although I had dinner with a vegetarian meetup group), and perhaps I’ll study IT again.

More probably, though, I’ll play a game, watch TV and chill out.  I used to do that all the time, almost every night that I wasn’t going climbing or attending a monthly Japanese meetup event in Leicester Square (the only ways I socialised outside work in 2012), but now that I hardly ever get the time, it’s all the more wonderful when I can sit in my room and be by myself.

Which is a lot like Gwar.  Oh, stop groaning and pay attention, I’m going somewhere with this!  I have five Gwar albums (all right, I won’t name them here), and I could listen to the most insane thrash metal band in the Universe on constant shuffle (and indeed have done), but I think it’s better to listen to my entire music collection (sans skits and things) on shuffle, rather than focus on one group.  Listening to all my old Eminem, D12, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Gorillaz, Cee Lo Green, OutKast, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Bee Gees, Beatles, Prince, Four Tops, Rolling Stones, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Black Sabbath, Blur and other random tracks broadens my horizons and gives me some nice variation — and indeed, often I hear something I haven’t heard in ages!

And then sometimes I get a Gwar track and feel quite happy (and probably end up singing it quietly to myself when working alone in the archive at work), because I feel like I’ve earned it — even though the other stuff is enjoyable, there’s a special place in my heart for this, but it’s good not to wear it out.  I rue the day that Gwar is boring and pedestrian!


This, needless to say, is what I’m trying to escape

In a similar vein, I’m going to try to reduce my chocolate intake, as advised by my personal torturer (I think he’s back from honeymoon next week, so I’d better clear a space in my diary for him), because while it’s the greatest substance ever created by humans, I really shouldn’t be eating it every day, just because that’s been my habit since childhood.  After all, it might be the one thing still perpetuating my “love handles”, despite all the weight I’ve lost this year, so I’m going to cut down and see what happens.

Of course, diets always begin tomorrow

As for the weekend, I’m going climbing, with or without “best mate” (who thinks it’s too hot at the moment), and then in the evening giving that sci-fi society another chance, though the Northern Line being shut will make it a difficult journey.  I’ll also try to write something in this sadly-neglected blog, simply because so many new experiences and thoughts need to be put down in words, where any old stranger can read them!

Or I’ll just sit outside in the sun and ogle women in summer clothes… hey, I’m allowed, right?  Right?  Right?!


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