And so it begins, pt. 94


This is not my mother following her operation (or the surgeon), it’s a gratuitous Gwar reference

Before I get on to the “career prospects” part of this post, I’d better summarise some recent events.  First of all, no, I didn’t see her again, and it’s her loss of course, because I’m awesome.  (Yeah, maybe she meant to get in touch with me but couldn’t, blah blah…)  Secondly, my mother has now undergone the operation she intended to have before Christmas, and is back in Worthing recuperating, for which my grandmother is proving invaluable.  She’s also advised me to continue making the most of my life up here in London, and not to worry about coming to visit her until later (since she won’t be able to go climbing, or even drive for a couple of weeks!), and rather than interpret this as reverse psychology, I’m going to do as she says (for a change) and keep going to interesting meetup groups.  Thirdly, my “newest friend” (I really need to find a better name for him, but somehow it’s stuck, hasn’t it?) wants to move in here, since two people are moving out, but the one in the cheaper room isn’t going yet and doesn’t have a date set, so he’s outta luck for now.

And so on to the main point of the post: today I officially joined an IT agency that also trains you up so that you’re fit to be employed.  I’d visited them back in 2006, when I was still working as a temp for my current employer (but back when I was in HR) and hoping to get back into science.  I just wanted to find out if I could get a job in IT to tide me over until returning to university to do a PhD, but they insisted that I’d need to commit, in terms of both money and time, so I didn’t pursue that line of enquiry any further (it would have been hard to work and attend classes, but impossible to not work and afford both their fees and my rent!).

Recently, however, I decided to try them again, and in a preliminary interview they told me it’d cost less than I thought (still a few grand), and that I could study online in the evenings; they also reckoned I’d do well in their “Network Professional Programme” training course, having already become A+ qualified and studied MCSE and Exchange courses in 2010.  The guy invited me back for a proper interview, where it would be established whether I would be a worthwhile investment on their part (since they make their money not through training but from the finder’s fee for getting someone employed), and so I took this afternoon off in order to go to Liverpool Street, in a smart suit I bought at the weekend.  Nearly didn’t make it in time, but I was wise enough to call ahead when I realised I was going to be slightly late, and they didn’t mind…

I was nervous about this interview (due to it, er, being an interview), but it all went surprisingly well: the guy (a different one than before) reckons I’ve got potential as a computer tech, that I know the basics and that I’m eager to learn and work in IT, and so was quite willing to let me join the current crop of students!  It’s a lot of money, and I hope it’ll prove to have been worth it, but if they can’t find me a job right away once I complete the course and pass the necessary exams, they’ll start paying back my fees in monthly instalments until either I’ve got my money back or they’ve found me an IT job.

Undoubtedly I’ll have to start at the bottom (Tier 1 tech support: “Have you turned it off and on again?”), but I’m willing to do that — Confucius say, you can’t climb a ladder to the top unless first of all you step on the bottom rung… or something along those lines.  Besides, it’s not the money I’m fussed about (though earning enough to continue living in the manner to which I’m accustomed would be preferable), it’s having a job I enjoy and in which I use my brain and my skills, which, let’s face it, ain’t admin in the long run.  It’s also not beyond the realms of possibility that I can move closer to wherever the job is (and maybe move in with “newest friend” to boot, since he might be getting a permanent job soon), as I’m not tied to Barnet by anything other than hatred of the corrupt local council…

So here we go: finally, my IT career prospects begin in deadly earnest.  It’s a pity I can’t get into programming, but the guy at the agency (the first one, not the interview guy) said that companies hiring programmers are looking exclusively at new graduates, not career-changers like me.  Once again I regret not only my choice of university but also my choice of degree course, not to mention my own Luddite-esque desire to stick with my old Amstrad CPC 464 instead of embracing change in the 1990s.


Curse you for not being an Amiga!

Then again, computers were very different beasts back in 1995 (my school only had $DEITY-damned Win3.1 machines, which honestly made 95 and 98 seem wonderful by comparison!), and they just didn’t inspire me the way they do today.  The turning point in my IT-focused life may well have happened on the same night as… well, I’ll talk about that another day — and perhaps when I finally succeed in IT, I’ll also succeed in… the other thing!


What’s that?  You want to see the Gwar video I got the framegrab from?  You are never satisfied, are you?  (Moon on a Stick, etc.)  Oh, all right, here you go — it’s from the movie Skulhed Face (which certainly isn’t on YouTube as well, no sir), and features the eponymous villain, with a song from the album This Toilet Earth


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