Where are you Daveyyy?


Dun, dun-dun, dun, dun-dun-dun —

Good $DEITY, has it been over a week since I last posted something here?  Well, don’t worry, I’m still alive, and things have progressed a bit here and there.  Here’s one of those bullet point updates I always end up doing:

  • I’m still listening to Gwar — oh boy, am I ever.  I’ve got what I consider their first two albums, Scumdogs of the Universe and America Must Be Destroyed* (Hell-O doesn’t really count due to its poor sound quality), and listen to songs from them on a regular basis.  In fact, my work colleagues are lucky I have an Android phone and not something from Apple, or I’d tell Siri to “play some Gwar” whenever the annoying woman starts up.
  • Speaking of work, I think I’m gonna have to jump ship in the not too distant future — I hope I’m not giving away where I work (because obviously I don’t want to be made to walk the plank, as it were), but we’re moving to a big new building at King’s Cross where we’ll all have to hotdesk and use laptops instead of proper computers, and we won’t even have phones, we’ll be using a corporate equivalent of MSN Messenger!  Hopefully Barnet council will realise the error of its ways and bring its services back in-house (rather than farming them out to private companies, watching them collapse and then passing them to even more expensive private companies), and I’ll be able to get a job there… maybe in IT?  A guy can dream, can’t he?
  • My mother says the wardrobe will be sorted on Thursday, and I can easily afford to pay the carpenter (and his man) to do it, so that particular nightmare is almost over, and I’ll have atoned for my foolish mistake on Not Very Good Friday.  I won’t be able to come home to help, however, as I’ll be here taking delivery of a chair…
  • The chair will, but for a new computer desk, complete the reimaging of my room here in north London.  I made a lot of compromises when I first came here, just to get everything unpacked and vaguely organised, but recently I sold off one of my bookcases, and have been able to reorganise everything to at least give the illusion of more space.  I even got myself a new surround sound system for the computer (which will probably draw complaints if I play Gwar too loudly).
  • My health continues to improve, and not only did I walk a long way today to the monthly Japanese meet-up event in Leicester Square (visiting my old haunts, such as Forbidden Planet), but tomorrow I’ve got another session with my personal torturer!  I can now do the Wii Fit Plus thing on a bigger TV screen, but I’m going to have to find a place in my room where the floor is actually, like, level…
  • It’s less than a month to my holiday in America, and naturally I’m afraid something will go wrong in the meantime, but don’t worry, I’ll see it through.  I’ll bring back pictures, don’t worry… which reminds me, I need a new camera…
  • Although I haven’t done any work on the Dalek strategy game for a while, I did get the chance to play the classic Dune II online during Easter, and it inspired me: in all probability I could write a “better” game than that (not that it’s poor, just that it lacks a lot of modern features, such as movement at angles other than 45° or multiple unit selection), and thus the only limit is my imagination, and my general slothfulness!
  • I’m unmoved by the recent death of Margaret Thatcher: I’m not sad she’s gone, but I’m not about to dance on her grave either.  She was a fixture of my childhood (I’m old enough to remember before they put cameras in Parliament), but I disagree with a lot of her policies and general hatred for “socialism” (not to mention the fact that Tony Blair seems to have been inspired by her).  It’s notable that I live in the constituency where she first became an MP, yet the Barnet Tories clearly don’t like to remember her — perhaps because she wasn’t a fan of corruption, deceit and the gravy train of expenses, eh?  Eh?

(* CIA, please note: the title of this Gwar album does not reflect my own personal views, and I wish for America to continue to ever-greater things for the foreseeable future.  Whaddaya mean, I’m of no concern to you?  Bah!)

Overall I’m doing okay, but I’ll continue writing this blog, simply because it might help others escape depression.  I’m no Messiah, I’m just an average Joe Bloggs (ooh, a pun!), but if by posting stuff here I can show even one person that there’s a better way than self-loathing and pessimism, my life will have been worth it.

Unless he becomes the next Hitler or something…!


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