Making progress

Just to let you know I’m not dead, here’s another generic post.  Although the weather is dismal, it’s getting warmer (or less cold), so that’s something, and although I couldn’t go climbing today, thanks to the important bit of the Northern Line (i.e. the bit I live on) being closed and the bus to Arnos Grove being diverted away from my house by gas works (argh!), I still did exercises on Wii Fit Plus and will most likely go climbing tomorrow night after work; hopefully my newest friend can make it too, so I don’t need to wait until 7pm.

My friend continues to stay off the cigarettes and alcohol and rollerblading, which is good and, dare I say it, impressive.  I’ve managed to conquer two addictions recently: I no longer stay up late every night to watch episodes of Family Guy and American Dad! that I’ve seen countless times before (and hopefully any, ahem, “new” episodes will be shown at a civilised hour on Sunday evenings), and I no longer chew gum obsessively, a habit I picked up in 2000.  Conquering my addiction of chocolate will take some doing during Easter, but I still remember the Pancake Day that all I had for dinner was pancakes with golden syrup and chocolate spread, and I felt so sick the next day that I decided not to eat chocolate during the week for a while.  I hope that won’t be necessary again…


No, it wasn’t quite this big. (Uh huh huh huh huh huh…)

I’m also continuing my attempts to switch from briefs to boxers… okay, you probably didn’t want to know that!  Bah, I bet you would if I were a 6’3″ hunk with tanned skin and rippling muscles, I’m sure — well, you’ll just have to wait, I’m working on it!  So far I’ve reached the stage where my BMI (yes, I know, no more scientific than phrenology, but still) is consistently below 25, and my spare tyre (or “tire” to Americans who can’t spell) is smaller than it’s been since I first returned home to live with my mother and grandmother in 2000, and was fed by the latter so well that I started gaining weight.

Ah, that’s two problems I’ve had since 2000 that I’m only now overcoming… the 21st Century has not been kind to me, but I’m hoping to turn it around this year, what with 13 being my lucky number and all…

One major change I’m hoping to make in 2013 is to move my room around and get rid of some furniture I don’t need any more.  I’ve even gotten hold of a freeware floor plan program that’s helping me figure out where everything can go.  I made a lot of compromises when I first moved here, and it’s only now that I’m tidying up (whatever that means when I use the term) and putting things in their proper places.  I guess that means I finally feel at home here, which is obviously why I don’t want to have to move on just yet!

This process will be aided by my intention to switch to e-books just as soon as the gummint realises what a con they are at the moment, with VAT being levied on them but not on “dead tree” books, which means you’re paying more for something that (a) doesn’t exist in a tangible form, and (b) can, judging from Amazon’s actions, be withdrawn from you on a whim, possibly without compensation!  Which is why I won’t touch the Kindle, of course — only e-books that can be downloaded as DRM-free files onto a device that doesn’t need to be permanently connected to 3G and phone home to the Amazon Overlords for me, thank you very much!

But what would I do with my vast collection of paperbacks, my many Pratchetts and Asimovs and Kings and Herberts and Hamiltons and Dicks (“ooh, Matron!”), once I’ve replaced them with ethereal copies (hopefully without all the spelling mistakes my paper copy of Dune has)?  Well, it’s not like I could sell ’em, so in all probability I’ll donate them to a local library, assuming Barnet council doesn’t decide to have all library books in the borough publically burned in order to show us plebs who’s boss.  I’m still helping out with the campaign, and hopefully next election we’ll get a party that hasn’t set itself up as latter-day philistines and cultural vandals, whose only interest in we, the public, is as a resource to be fleeced.

And finally, I’m still listening to music… well, obviously.  Yesterday I listened to my new copy of Scumdogs of the Universe by Gwar, and today I’ve listened to my work friend’s Blondie compilation; right now I’ve got my grandmother’s Leopold Stokowski CD in the drive, as he conducts the works of Tchaikovsky.  2013 is my year of change and renwal, after all.. and how many people do you know who have listened to “Death Pod”, “Heart of Glass” and “Dance of the Sugar-plum Fairy” in the same weekend?


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