Not so bad

Moon on a Stick

I couldn’t think of a better picture to put in this entry, so here’s the Moon on a Stick instead.  Honestly, you lot want the Moon on a Sti… ah, there we go!

Phew, things seem to be better today than they were yesterday; I’m not even eager to go looking for a new place to live any more, as the upstairs toilet was fixed tonight by the landlord’s man, and no accusations of sabotage or threats of eviction were made.  I also appear not to be coming down with a cold (I keep thinking I’ve got hypochondria, but my doctor said my test was clean… ha ha, no?), and indeed the only time I felt like puking tonight was when I took my soggy, defrosted and utterly inedible food out of the freezer.  The entire fridge-freezer unit packed up last week, but fortunately we have another fridge in the meantime, and the new unit is being delivered on Saturday (though if they don’t come, doubtless I’ll be accused of not answering the door, as was the case when the gas men turned off the supply in our street and then didn’t turn it on again because they knocked on our door after everyone had gone to work).

So, after spending Tuesday evening meeting a personal trainer (and enduring the journey home), and before that Monday evening at the pub with a group of revolutionaries people justifiably concerned about political corruption in Barnet, what am I doing tonight?  Chilling out and relaxing, that’s what (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the word “chillax”).  Call it me-time, but I’ve not had the chance to play video games since Friday!  I even got my washing-up out of the way early, and now, at not even 11pm, I’ve still got time to either translate some Japanese or implement A* in my Dalek RTS game… decisions, decisions!  It needs to be something that doesn’t involve listening to the intricate plot of a video game, because I’m also playing an Erasure compilation CD my friend at work lent me (I would be listening to my grandmother’s Carmen CD, but for some reason it buzzes loudly in the drive!).

While I’m not so eager to go through the anguish of moving somewhere else just yet, I’d still like to help my friend find a new place, and so will go a-viewing with him after climbing on Saturday afternoon.  If nothing else, I want to get him living somewhere comfortable, so he doesn’t get stressed and thus risk starting smoking again!  Giving up addiction is something I’d like to cover in a future blog entry, so stay tuned.  Or, flick over to watch the news, realise you’ve missed the start, vow to watch it later on iPlayer, and then forget about it entirely… no, scratch that, stay right in front of your computer and keep pressing Refresh until this blog updates, I command it!


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