The horror returns?

Okay, like the subtitle says, this blog is all about catharsis for me, so I’m going to talk about the rotten day I’ve just had, and the horrible prospect it raises, in the hope that it will help me feel better and figure out what I’m going to do.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Northern Line currently has a good service

First of all, the weather.  Now, I’ve always hated the British weather, and I hate the cold, but today was one of the worst ever, especially since I had to wait on the platform for 20 minutes before a Northern Line train arrived that was going my way and wasn’t packed.  (Fired off a complaint to TfL, for all the good it’ll do…)  Protip: don’t wear loose trousers and boxers on a cold, breezy day; I can only imagine what men in kilts must feel… hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow, but today and yesterday were an entirely unwelcome return of the winter chill that we all thought we’d escaped.

Yeah, other countries have colder and longer winters, but they at least can deal with them, and don’t regard plebs like me being late to work for a few days (and potentially getting fired) as somehow better than spending money to maintain gritters, ploughs etc. for when they’re needed.  It didn’t snow and I wasn’t in trouble at work, so I’m not entirely unlucky, but for how much longer?


Roll on 5pm… ha ha, no? Oh, please yourselves!

I won’t complain about my job itself, though, because not only do I have steady work during a recession, it’s a triple-dip recession!  Plus, the annoying woman was working from home today (just about the only thing that made it all worthwhile).  And they’re pleased with the hard work I’m putting in, almost single-handedly sorting out the insane number of problems (e.g. duplicate numbers, missing volumes, found volumes…) with the archive of paper files.  Apparently Sisyphus applied for my job, but was turned down because they didn’t feel he would be dedicated enough…

I would have been all right at work, however, had I not received a certain text message.  I’ve started dreading the sound of my phone telling me it’s received a text (it’s the sound of Roger the Alien going “Myah!”, if you must know), because it’s usually the leaderene of my household sending a passive-aggressive complaint, either to me personally or to all of us housemates, and today she was actually threatening eviction because she suspected someone had deliberately broken the flush on the upstairs toilet because we thought it wasn’t “good enough”.  It had been playing up for a while and was very probably in need of a plumber’s touch, due to four of us using it regularly, but why let facts get in the way of bitching at us?  I just hope it made her feel better (I know she suffers from SAD, and is probably taking this weather even worse than me), and that she calmed down afterwards…

That one little incident set me in a lousy mood for the rest of the day… but as you know, I tend to internalise things (I haven’t even told my work colleagues how angry I am about the Bertolli advert yet), so my anxiety had nowhere to go but downwards, into the pit of my stomach.  I think I might actually have to move house again, horrible a thought though that may be, because I don’t really want to live in such a poisonous environment, and come home every night wondering whether I’m going to still have somewhere to live because some piece of equipment died of natural causes!

And so, thanks to a combination of cold and resentment, I ended up feeling ill during the day; it’d be about right that I caught a cold (in fact, the Japanese term kaze o hiku — “catch the wind” — seems more appropriate), since everyone else has been off sick recently, and I don’t think I’ve had anything that wasn’t self-inflicted since last November, so it’s high time I got sick.  I’ve probably only lasted this long due to my health streak…

Fortunately, after work I was able to go to the Castle to meet a personal trainer for a free assessment, and he reckoned that I’m doing well and just need a couple of adjustments to my diet (such as Omega-3 supplements… how come I’d never heard of that substance until a few years ago?), and to do some press-ups to stop my body becoming unbalanced due to the different muscles I use when climbing.  In fact, he was quite pleased that I’ve managed to get to bed earlier these days, because he had trouble not watching Family Guy every night, too!  And he recommended I do 20 minutes on the exercise bike for “cardio”, and thus I was able to watch a double episode of Beavis and Butt-head on my smartphone (which would be too long to watch during my morning commute).  I’ll write a “cool things” article about that show in due course, but suffice to say, this isn’t the first time it’s helped lift my spirits…


(“Uh huh huh huh — check it out, Beavis, he said it lifted his spirits.”
“Yeah, heh heh hm heh heh.  Boioioioioioioioinnnggg!”
“I bet you like that, don’t you?  Uh huh huh huh.”
“Yeah, heh heh… I mean, NO!  Shut up, bunghole!”)

Unfortunately the bus was diverted coming home (I have to get the Piccadilly Line to Arnos Grove and catch a rare bus across to Finchley if I don’t want to go down to King’s Cross and back up again), and I ended up in an unfamiliar part of town, which as you probably realise is the kind of thing that brings back those “12/1/2012” feelings again, not to mention reminding me of when I first moved here and had to get the bus down to Golders Green if, as often happened, our bit of the Northern Line was closed at the weekend.  And it was still cold, cold, COLD!

Still, I made it back in one piece, and am now not as glum as I was at work — thanks for listening and letting me get this off my chest!  If only I’d known the annoying woman wouldn’t be in today, and that I’d be waiting 20 minutes for a train first thing, I’d have gone to get a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for my office (I don’t get them when she’s around, in case she comes to thank me personally), since we all need cheering up during this bitterly cold weather, and it would have been warmer in Tesco than on a damn platform.  That would thus have solved two of my nightmares today, which is presumably why we’re not allowed to predict the future — if we did, nothing would go wrong for us to complain about!

Don’t know how I could have avoided that obnoxious text message, though, but perhaps I need to roll with it a bit more (sorry, that was almost another Sisyphean reference) and stop brooding all the time.  However, now that I’m considering moving somewhere else, perhaps I could help out my newest friend by moving somewhere with him?  And stop shouting “bromance”, it’s not like that!  Ah, shut up, you… bungholes!


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