A propos of nothing

Yes, it’s another generic “marking time” post, just to let my loyal readership know I’m still alive.  You’ll be pleased to know that I’m keeping fit, despite having pizza tonight (which was more repaying my housemate for helping me carry a 32″ TV set from the second-hand shop in the high street):during the week my BMI got as low as just under 25!  Yeah, I know it’s pretty much quackery, but it means I’m moving in the right direction.  My clothes often feel like they’re hanging off me, which means (a) I’m losing my love handles, and (b) I need a non-leather belt as a matter of urgency…

How have I achieved this deflation of my spare tyre?  Well, I’ve continued climbing (and mentioning it here rather more often than it perhaps warrants), I’ve exercised with Wii Fit Plus (I’m now onto the “advanced” versions of the kung-fu and rhythm boxing games), and I’ve just generally eaten a bit less.  This has meant that at times I’ve been ravenous (especially in the mornings at work) — hungry enough that I could eat a horse…


“Um… I misspoke.”

I did have another bout of tummy trouble in the week, which seems to have resulted from me eating too many Quorn burgers in a short space of time, but I won’t let the meat eaters criticise me for being a vegetarian, as (a) I’m still getting my protein (overdosing on it, indeed!), and (b) I’m not eating dodgy burgers containing, well, the aforementioned variety of animal flesh!  Perhaps Tesco, Findus etc. heard someone say “I could eat a horse” and replied “Your wish is our command”…?

Although I continue my lacksadaisical attitude regarding this blog, there’s still stuff I want to post about, such as my discovery of classical music, the “new sexism” (that might be next, actually, as my friend recently mentioned a gender-related non-chair-surrending incident on the Tube), and how awesome Doctor Who is.  However, tonight I guess I should reaffirm how glad I am to be alive today, in spite of the miserable weather — here’s what I did in 2012 that I otherwise couldn’t have done:

  • I’ve discovered loads of 1980s music courtesy of the nice guy who sits opposite me at work.  To think, he and I used to be antagonistic in 2010 — one of the few good things to happen in 2011 was that we became friends, and last year (and on into this year) he’s lent me albums and compilations for groups like The Smiths, Kraftwerk, Duran Duran, Human League, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and New Order.  Yes, I like music from the early 1980s, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
  • I’ve watched old TV series made by Kenny Everett and Lee & Herring all the way through, thus putting me back in touch with my formative years, and continued my mission to watch every Doctor Who story in order, which began in 2011 and is now nearing the end of Pertwee’s tenure!
  • I went to Paris in September 2012, and while it was a dismal day (how inconsiderate of the French not to arrange good weather!), it helped me develop some wanderlust, and gain confidence in travelling on my own.  Perhaps I’ll take my mother there another time (though she really wants me to accompany her to Japan, which is a rather more daunting journey than a short hop across the English Channel!).
  • While I know I play too many damn vidya gamez, 2012 saw me get hold of the Borderlands games, which are good, and also the remarkable world of Skyrim.  However, it was the wonderfully deep world of L.A. Noire that kept me going when I first moved into this house…
  • I finally got over my foolish “desperation” (if you could call it that, considering I never really lowered my standards or “settled”) to “get a girlfriend” — I need to sort my own life out before I can share it with someone, and as I’ve said previously, the “score of scoring” is irrelevant to me because I just want to find one special person.  Admittedly I’d be happy with a harem, but only so I could make more than one woman happy at a time, not because I want to treat women like interchangeable sex objects!
  • In relation to the above, I very nearly “met someone” in June, via a dating site: she seemed almost perfect for me, an attractive American vegan, and for a couple of weeks I did feel a certain agonising joy, perhaps for the first time in my life… but it didn’t work out, she didn’t feel I was a potential mate when she spoke to me on the phone, and in any case I was having my doubts as she’d flown off the handle about a minor comment (so we would probably have argued all the time).  Plus, she worked with babies and really liked them, whereas I’ve always found the little blighters nauseating (if she’d been a vet instead, I would have probably proposed!).  Still, this bout of unfulfilled love made me truly feel something other than darkness at last, and in any case it supported my theory (which I held long before I even met that girl in Michigan in 1998) that only American women are intelligent enough to give me a chance!
  • In 2012 I grew closer to my mother again, after years of half-joking that I visit my folks in Worthing “as seldom as I can” (though Worthing itself still sucks, of course).  We’ve both been through depression, and we’ve both turned our lives around by exercising and keeping fit, and gone from “waiting to die” to living.  I know Mumsy’s life still isn’t anywhere near perfect, but I’ve decided to go on living for her sake, and make her proud of me.
  • I joined the campaign against the incompetent and corrupt Barnet council, and thus feel useful!

Still, I’m glad 2012’s over with, and selling on the crummy little 19″ TV I bought when I first moved here has helped me move on a bit (though they were closed early when I went back to get my money — damn, I hope they’re not trying to rip me off!); I’m also hoping to move my room around and get rid of one of my bookcases.  Trouble is, where do I put my bed if I want to have enough room to use the Wii balance board?  Ugh, first world problems…


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