Keeping on keeping on

Yep, still going — January 2013 hasn’t been particularly bad at all, but I’m very glad the cold weather’s about to end, and that the days are gradually getting longer (it’s reached the turning point where it’s still slightly light outside at 5pm, when I leave work — a few more weeks and it’ll still be light when my Tube train emerges from the tunnel at East Finchley).  Although I’ve still got stuff to sort out, such as my adventure holiday, I’m optimistic about the future…

I’m still exercising, though not so much this week as my feet have been hurting (due to the recent snow, I was wearing uncomfortable boots instead of my usual well-worn trainers).  I was actually feeling a bit queasy at work today, and somewhat unsteady on my feet, but then I went climbing with my friend after work, and although I was a bit anxious at times, not only did I climb two 12m. walls (to go with the one I managed last week), I actually felt better afterwards!  My mother always tells me that being fit and healthy through exercise makes one less likely to catch colds and such, and it seems she was right after all (though she herself caught cold just before Christmas, which only goes to show).

I’m still helping out the campaign in Barnet against the corrupt local government, principally through administration of their own blog here on WordPress.  Although Capita (I won’t call them by their Private Eye nickname for reasons of vulgarity) have been named as the main company to whom our public services will be handed for at least 10 years without possiblity of getting them back in-house, Barnet is so filled with media types that they’ll never be able to keep their incompetence quiet, and there are legal challenges in progress, so all is not lost…

No, I didn’t keep my New Year’s Resolution about being nice to the annoying woman at work, but take heart in the knowledge that she seems to be getting on other people’s nerves as well, as she tends to get others to do her work for her.  You won’t catch me doing that: no, instead I’m actually doing more things at work, such as minute-taking (tried that today, horrible experience)!  It’s not such a big deal still being in admin at 35, but obviously I don’t want to be doing this for too much longer, especially since they want us to sign new contracts which will give us worse conditions (and are bribing us with £1,000, which would certainly help pay for my holiday).  Hey, if Barnet come to their senses and ditch Capita, they’ll need dedicated people to work for them… and depending on the timing, I could sign the new contract, get my grand, and jump ship!  Aren’t I Machievellian?

As for computers, yes, I’m still doing all that, though I’m so busy these days, I have very little time to do my own thing.  However, since the entire Northern Line is closed this weekend and I need to rest my aching legs, I’ll probably just stay at home and write that Dalek Craft game (or at least build the foundations).  There you go, my problems solve each other — how’s that for optimism?  It’ll also give me time to listen to the mountain of 1980s music I’ve been lent by my musical friend at work…

I’ll try to post a bit more often in this blog in the coming weeks — let’s call January my month of hibernation (oh, how I wish…) and reconvene in February, okay?


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