Another vague update

Yep, I’m finding it hard to write stuff in this blog any more, though the impending freeze in the UK is certainly going to test my ability to keep my chin up (it’s cold enough to give me a near-permanent headache… unless that’s caffeine).  But here’s how things are going at the moment: reasonably well, can’t complain.  Except about the Northern Line having massive delays, which meant I almost regretted going out climbing tonight, and about The Castle being packed with New Year’s Resolutions.  Come on TfL, sort yourselves out; and come on, er, people, stop doing exercise just because you promised you would!

Anyway… my adventure holiday in the western United States is still on for May, barring accidents, such as getting arrested and thus being denied a visa, but I have no intention of that happening — after all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I met someone special on my trip, and was thus able to bring a “plus one” to my best friend’s wedding in June?  America is the only country in which I’ve had even marginal success in romantic terms, and although it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I’ll meet someone from my own country on the trip who makes me happy, I may also hook up with a native during my travels.  After all, American women seem to be more willing to date someone they’ve just met, rather than automatically regarding a random bloke giving a look as some kind of social faux pas.  (Sorry, not supposed to be complaining about my love life…)

I’m also still in the Japanese vibe: I’m (very slowly) translating a children’s book called Botchan, and indeed because I’m not going to C++ classes any more, I can go to the Japanese meet-up event in Leicester Square on the second Tuesday of the month.  It’s good to make Japanese friends, because I can help them with their English (as you may have noticed, my English is impeccable, sort of fing) while they help me with my Japanese, and meeting up gets me out of the house.  And yes, there’s always the possibility of dating, since Japanese women seem to be much more cheerful than the women of this country, and I just seem to get on with them, perhaps because I’m just non-threatening compared to a lot of blokes.  Japanese women also tend to retain their youthful looks to a surprising degree (yes, I know that’s a chauvinistic thing to say, but I’m trying to retain my youth as well — I want to look good for the girl of my dreams, because $DEITY help her if she has to love me for just my personality!).

Mmm, I like American women… but then I also like Japanese women.  But which is better?  There’s only one way to find out:Harry Hill Fight

(Blonde American woman dressed as cheerleader, and raven-haired Japanese woman dressed as schoolgirl, come in from opposite doors and mud-wrestle in front of Harry’s desk)

See you after the break.  Ganbatte, Nihonjin no onna!

(Yes, I contrived this whole blog post just to pay homage to Harry Hill’s TV Burp sue me!)


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