Back in action


We’ll gloss over the fact that I was watching the awful “Terminator 3” while writing this entry…

Yeah, I’m back after my nice, relaxing Christmas and New Year holiday spent in Worthing with my mother and grandmother.  For the first time in years, I had a nice time — well, considering that in 2010/2011 I was sat in front of my computer for New Year, and in 2011/2012 I was miles away at a quote-unquote “house party” in Essex (almost at the end of the District Line), this could only have been an improvement.

What did I do over Christmas?  Well, first of all, even though my mother didn’t have her operation after all, we couldn’t go climbing together because the place in Shoreham was closed over Christmas.  Fortunately, since I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit Plus balance board, I was able to do some exercise.  The rain meant I couldn’t and didn’t go outside much, until 2013 started, whereupon the weather improved remarkably.  I completed the first two Max Payne games (yet again), meaning I can now play Max Payne 3, though I’ve also got a number of 2012 games to get through which were either Christmas presents or sale items on Steam, including Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed III (yes, rather a lot of third installments released in 2012) and Batman: Arkham City.  Oh, and I’ve got Punch-Out! and Dead Space: Extraction to play on the Wii, as well as the other sports games I’ll be playing with Mumsy when I take the thing home again in a couple of weekends.

So anyway, what are my plans for 2013?  Well, here’s a brief run-down — other objectives may become clear with time, but consider these my New Year’s Resolutions (albeit not ones I intend to break):

  • Getting fit.  I brought the Wii and Wii Fit Plus back from Worthing for this precise reason (Mumsy’s got her own keep-fit regime, and in any case the nice man who drove her home in December is going to give her a PlayStation 2), and I’m determined to sort myself out once and for all.  I will also be continuing with climbing, and as has been suggested to me, hopefully taking up yoga so I can learn not to be afraid…
  • Translating some Japanese children’s books, which I bought as targets of opportunity at my sensei‘s house-clearing sale (where I got the Wii).  It’s been altogether too long since I did translation, and although these are longer books than I’ve done before, that just makes it a greater investment of my time.  Since I have my Tuesday evenings back again, I’ll be able to resume going to the Japanese meet-up events at Leicester Square (such as the one on the 8th), and can work on my speaking/listening skills as well!
  • Writing that Dalek strategy game in C++, using the Allegro game programming library.  It’ll be the best way to sharpen my skills: writing a program I actually want to write, rather than just learning stuff by rote!
  • Getting off the wagon.  Annoyingly, people told me when I was younger that I should loosen up and start drinking alcohol, yet these days people tell me I shouldn’t take up drinking in order to enjoy myself!  My poor confused mother has been guilty of both (indeed, she and my grandparents insisted I learn to drink before I went to university), but I forgive her.  I will not, however, do what my female best friend did and “force” myself to like beer — it’s cider all the way, with white wine if I really must.  I won’t be getting “fit-shaced”, however: that’s something I’ve never wanted to do (no, not even when I was at university — in fact, especially not when I was at university), and nor will I be feeling any tolerance towards drunken idiots.
  • Being nicer and more mild-mannered generally, even to the annoying woman at work — somehow I’ll smile and return her pleasantries on Friday (unless she’s off, and we can only hope), and not bite off the heads of cashiers who are required by their jobs to ask me if I have a loyalty card, or if I want a bag when I’m already putting my shopping into one I brought from home!  And I’ll try to hold back the bile generally, and stop letting things grind my gears so much.
  • Travelling abroad, mainly to America for my holiday in May (for which I’ve got to pay, as well as sorting out my visa), thus broadening my horizons.  Maybe I’ll meet someone special, maybe I won’t, but the important thing is that I’ll be having an adventure!
  • Moving my room around and getting rid of at least one bookcase, so I don’t have my bed right next to the radiator any more (though this winter’s been surprisingly mild), and keeping it tidier in general (you can stop cheering now, Mumsy!).
  • Helping out in local politics, as the Barnet Tories continue their privatisation-based implosion.
  • Finding my father… because he deserves a chance, I reckon…

That’s all I’ll say for now — it’s midnight, so I’d better get some rest before tomorrow’s today’s onslaught.  Honestly, coming back here felt like a trip to an alien planet, such is the power of a pleasant holiday at home with one’s family, but this is where I belong (at least for the time being), and I know I can continue.  That’s all for now — I’ll be back soon with more inane drivel… good night!



2 thoughts on “Back in action

  1. Mumsy

    In our defence, we wanted you to recognise the taste and feel of alcohol consumption before you went to university so that you would be aware if anybody slipped you a mickey finn. Plus a little to broaden your experiences of the world, NOT to become a drunken, aggressive asshole! Our motives were purely for your benefit, not to make you over into something you were not!

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