Finally home for Christmas

“It’s over!  Ha ha, it’s over!”
–The newly-regenerated Doctor (Patrick Troughton), The Power of the Daleks

Roger the Alien

Time to chillax… and post a gratuitous image of Roger the Alien

Finally I can relax in the bosom (uh huh huh huh, “bosom”) of my family, after enduring one final ordeal before Christmas.  Well, two if you include cleaning the kitchen this morning, but that was my duty on the rota and I did it.  Travelling home to Worthing was not a pleasant experience, as the signal failure in Preston Park that occurred on Friday, and which caused my mother considerable problems in coming up to London, was still in force today.  Really, Network Rail, you’re incapable of fixing a signal failure after three days?!  Legend has it the Man Jesus returned to life in a similar span of days, and thus ’tis my opinion that you have forgotten the faces of your fathers…

Of course, I did it wrong and came home via Ford, waiting until 3pm for a train going that way, instead of opening my ears and getting a train to Gatwick Airport, changing onto a train to Brighton, and then changing again there.  Because changing twice would have been a much smoother experience, right?  Or, and this is just a wild idea I’m throwing out there, or, Network Rail could have not taken several days to fix a signal.  Was Preston Park struck by a meteorite and they’re actually having to relay the tracks through a smoking crater?

But it doesn’t matter, none of my (ahem) hardships over the past few days matter, because I’m at home, I have a Wii that my mother is enjoying playing with, I’ve got the original two Max Payne games to play on my lesser Worthing PC so I can refamiliarise myself with the story before playing the third one back in London on my ubercomputer, and I’ve nothing about which to feel depressed.  The weather’s not even as cold as it has been, and indeed the days will be (gradually) getting longer since the world didn’t end on Friday.  Perhaps this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius after all?

I’ll see about updating this blog over the Christmas break — not sure what I can think of to post other than gratuitous American Dad! references, or minor First World Problems-style complaints about public transport and the lack of good shops in Worthing.  I do need some add-ons for the Wii, so I can connect it to WiFi and shoot one-handed guns, but there’s no way in Hell I’m going anywhere on Christmas Eve, except possibly for a walk along the seafront…


5 thoughts on “Finally home for Christmas

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