It’s not over

I’m not referring to the totally ludicrous claims that the world was supposed to end today, as the Mayans didn’t predict (so that stupid image going around Facebook is wrong for more than just mixing up Mayans and Aztecs).  Nor do I mean my Christmas shopping, which I’d completed by Wednesday when I got a Wii Fit Plus from my old Japanese teacher, and since I finished work for two weeks today, it’s also not that.

No, I’m referring to… well, a general feeling of anxiety — not crippling, but enough to get me on edge.  This weekend my mother’s going into hospital, and on Sunday I have to go and meet her there, along with the nice man who’s going to drive us home to Worthing, direct him back here to my London home, load up the car with all the stuff I’m taking (including the Wii Fit Plus, which would be very awkward to carry on the train), and go home with Mumsy to look after for her while she convalesces.  It’s elective rather than urgent surgery, so her life shouldn’t be in any danger, but still, I find myself worrying about her.  Which brings back memories of worrying during December 2011, a time I want to put out of my head entirely!

Tonight I’ve also had to be out and about: not shopping, fortunately, but going to a certain building near Tottenham Court Road to get an update on helping to maintain the blog of the campaign against the corrupt Tory council here in Barnet.  I’m more than willing to help, and indeed I started this blog because I was inspired by theirs (or rather, by seeing how easy it is to do).  It felt like a cross between a class and a supervision session at work, but never mind, it’s something I can do to help out and regain my sense of terrible purpose.  It follows on neatly from Monday, when I sat in on an interminably dull council meeting in Barnet (they seem to make them as dull as possible in order to drive away the public, thereby demonstrating their opinion of local democracy), which was the first local politics thing I’d had time to do in ages!  But it meant I didn’t get home until 8:30pm.  Oh well, it’s the weekend, and I’m on holiday… or will be once Saturday’s out of the way!

What do I have left to do before Sunday morning’s onslaught?  Well, I’ve got to finish Borderlands 2, for one thing — I’ll hopefully take care of that after I’m finished boring you guys.  I’ve got to set out all the stuff I’m taking home, including clothes, and make sure I’ve used up as much perishable stuff in the house as I can, to reduce waste.  I don’t have to do any more washing, and I don’t need to buy any more Christmas presents (I’ve said that before, but I feel it deserves to be emphasised again), but I will certainly go and visit my mother in hospital tomorrow afternoon, once her ordeal’s over — she won’t be able to speak (probably), but she’ll be able to squeeze my hand and know I’m there for her…

Ah, that’s better, I feel nice and relaxed now — in a short time, there’ll be no more problems and no further need to worry… and hopefully not simply because the world ends at midnight, UK time!


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