Still here

Moon on a Stick

Regular blog updates? You want the Moon on a stick!

Don’t worry, O my brothers, for your humble narrator has not forgotten you — I’ve just been… well, not so much busy as just not in the mood to vent.  Like I said when I started writing this, I’ll stop once my life has been sorted out, and while things still need a bit of improvement (I’ll be posting about things that I want to change and things that I don’t, at least if something during the last week before Christmas inspires me to do so), I’ve less to complain about these days, as you may have noticed.  Certainly, despite the short days and long nights, the darkness has retreated from my life to a surprising extent…

So this is just an update on what’s been happening, and what’s hopefully going to happen. Firstly, the sandwich toaster works fine, although only really on smaller, Warburton-style slices of bread (Kingsmill is too big), and with Monterry Jack cheese slices.  This will revolutionise my breakfasts in the cold days of winter!

Secondly, I’m still climbing (something else I really need to post about), although hanging out with the friend I made there, including a “classic video games” night at a bowling alley in Tavistock Square, means I haven’t been able to attend any anti-Barnet Council events lately, so I’m not so much infected with terrible purpose as getting over a minor cold.  But I remain devoted to the cause, and they only have to ask me for help…

Thirdly, WordPress have gone and changed their look, so I don’t know how this post is going to come out.  Boy, that really grinds my gears!  This post is thus subject to change, so don’t be surprised if something happens — do not adjust your brain, normal service will be restored (unless I have to pay to upgrade)!  If I can, I’ll even stick a picture in this post that I’ve already uploaded…

Fourthly, it’s worth noting that my old Japanese teacher, due to returning to her native country, had a house-clearing sale recently, and in addition to a Nintendo Wii (the first games console I’ve had since the Atari Lynx I was bought for my 14th birthday), I bought some Japanese children’s books that I’m going to spend ages translating.  My mother is a confirmed Japanoholic, and I’ve got a few things for her as well; these are in addition to some expensive Christmas presents, which she deserves because she’s been so inspirationally good this year, and will also be convalescing and in need of cheering up.  This means I can’t spoil my grandmother as I usually do, but I will be helping her around the house…

Anything else?  Well, I have plans for 2013: not that adventure holiday in America, but also testing out my C++ skills by writing (with the aid of the Allegro library) a Command & Conquer-style stragey game involving Daleks.  What could it be called?  Command, Conquer & Destroy?  DalekCraftTotal Extermination?  In fact, if it goes well I might even go beyond Daleks to their spiritual successors, MorningLightMountain from the works of Peter F. Hamilton…


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