Dear spammers: please kill yourselves

Not a long post as I’m off climbing soon (in the hope of burning off some of the calories I’ve accumulated today — my boss brought in Cadbury Heroes!), but I thought one of the recent attempted spam postings on this blog might amuse you (edit for clarity, it linked to a “pay day loans” website and wasn’t a genuine comment):

You can definitely see your enthusiasm in that the paintings you write.
That the world hopes for even more passionate writers such because you who have
been not afraid to say how that they believe. Always follow your heart.

Yes, spammers are so f***ing incompetent that they try to post spam on English-language blogs despite failing so badly at English that they think you write a painting!  Maybe if they put some of the effort they devote to writing (painting?) the computer programs used to automatically spam this drek onto real people’s blogs into actually educating themselves, they might not need to ruin the Internet with their idiotic ravings, and gullible people wouldn’t occasionally be tricked into visiting the websites on whose behalf they act (or trying to visit, anyway — at least one of them has already disappeared, and I know because WordPress gives you a preview!).

Before you ask: no, I don’t think people whose English language skills are below mine are stupid, just those who think they can trick native English speakers (and trickery is the purpose of messages like this, which aren’t even honest advertising).  But yes, I am tarring all spammers with the same brush, because all spammers are, by definition, sub-human scum.  No exceptions.  However, I won’t publish any of the e-mail addresses associated with these spam posts, because they’re probably stolen and may actually belong to real people who don’t deserve to be named and shamed!  (Oh, if only the police in Britain had been this conscientious during Operation Ore!)  And I won’t publish the websites, because then some people might actually visit them…


2 thoughts on “Dear spammers: please kill yourselves

  1. Mumsy

    It seems a perfectly innocuous message of support written a little inelegantly. What makes you so certain there is an ulterior motive, did they try to sell you PPI revenge, viagra or a million in a bank in Nigeria?


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